From pre- to post-service, OmniChannel solutions drive patient engagement. What’s next? What’s now? Be the first to know.

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From big picture to the fine details, RevSpring understands the full scale of the healthcare financial world. We understand the systemic challenges, the burden on healthcare organizations and their patients, and we make it our mission to continually advance revenue cycle performance. Innovation in patient financial engagement is about bridging gaps and breaking down barriers. It takes more than one-off moments. Leading change takes vision and clarity and smart, ever-evolving technology. We’ll continue to lead as we’ve led before—data-driven patient journeys, personalized payment experiences, one voice from pre- to post-service and true OmniChannel engagement. And that’s just the beginning. What’s driving our innovation pipeline? Where’s the industry headed? Find out here from our experts as we continue to re-imagine unique solutions to old problems and raise the bar on healthcare industry standards for performance.

Static, one-size-fits-all communications are out. Precise, individualized patient engagement is in. RevSpring led the personalization revolution in healthcare that today has become the industry standard. Others have followed because the benefits are clear—personalization for patients leads to better financial outcomes. Precise engagement remains the cornerstone of what sets RevSpring apart, and we continually fine-tune every patient-centered financial conversation in pursuit of making it better. We’re committed to forging the new paths in human-first engagement with the kind of far-sighted view that is needed to shape the best future for our industry.

Price transparency hasn’t lived up to its great promise. Despite adoption of estimation and shopping tools, patients are still confused about their financial responsibilities. That’s a challenge we intend to solve. And that means filling all the gaps in accuracy, clarity, continuity and precisely tailored payment options everywhere. Patients should know what to expect throughout their entire care journey including their financial obligations. We believe this to be true, that by starting the financial conversation out right and making it easy to ask questions, patients feel better about contributing to their health.

Now is the time to meet patients where they are. Where they REALLY are. And that’s not at the mailbox. Financial conversations in healthcare still rely on print and mail. Patients have been asking for change, and we must rise to meet their demand. If you think of RevSpring as a print company, there’s more to us than you know. We’ve offered digital engagement for more than a decade, and we’ve boldly pioneered the idea of a digital-first strategy for patient engagement. Patients want it. And healthcare providers NEED it to make meaningful progress on cost.