June 29, 2022

Use Personalized and Proven Communication Strategies for Best Open Enrollment Results

Open enrollment season may seem distant, but now is the time to begin planning to ensure all potential participants are empowered to enroll—and actually do so—within your upcoming open enrollment window. Increase the likelihood of highest possible engagement by providing easy and convenient ways for members to respond.

Why does OmniChannel use both print and digital for open enrollment communications? The reason is simple: different people respond in different ways. Reaching members through the right channel and sequence—personalized for them—greatly improves the likelihood of a timely response. If that sounds complicated, you may be surprised to learn that it’s possible to leverage an OmniChannel strategy using just one technology solution.

A best-of-breed OmniChannel solution can proactively distribute open enrollment materials using the engagement channel that works best for each member.

State-of-the-art OmniChannel technology provides end-to-end transparency in the development, refinement, distribution and storage of all print and digital communications. This allows payer organizations to easily monitor and manage all open enrollment communications.

Quality assurance also is dramatically increased when providers possess the flexibility and control to create, distribute and store all print and digital communications related to open enrollment—all at their fingertips. And instead of relying on renderings, exact replicas of all documents are easily available for retrieval and proof of existence.

Still not sure OmniChannel engagement makes sense for your open enrollment outreach to members? Consider these noteworthy metrics:

  • 2X higher response rate with a combined digital and print strategy
  • Low opt-out rates: 1.3% per digital touch
  • A response rate that is 6.5 days faster among those who receive digital only

How are these impressive outcomes possible?

Payers that switch to OmniChannel for open enrollment communications increase the likelihood of engagement through targeted touchpoints that most resonate with members. There’s another benefit too: the chance to reduce postage costs by up to 30% by focusing your communication spend on the most effective channel mix.