One Billion Critical Patient Communications a Year...and Counting

RevSpring is the industry leader in personalized patient statements and communications. From our sophisticated print facilities strategically located throughout the U.S. to our scientific methodologies that ensure print materials deliver best results, RevSpring is proud to print and mail more than one billion critical patient statements and communications every year for our healthcare customers. Print might sound retro in a highly digital world, but tailoring smart and rapid communication to the way each patient responds—including print—is the best way to drive action. That’s why we personally maintain the infrastructure and technology solutions (no outsourcing to third-party vendors!) to ensure deliverability at scale in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

Approximately 30% of patients still prefer a printed statement to digital communications. 40% want both.

Messages—and How They’re Presented—Matter

Effective print materials—used at the right time for the right reasons—require precise messaging that resonates with the people receiving it. Our print gets better response because it’s smart, tailored to each patient, and often part of omnichannel campaigns. RevSpring technology accelerates document template creation and changes with customer-friendly solutions that enable quick adaptation to ever-changing document requirements. We also employ cutting edge technologies, like gaze mapping and focus groups, to ensure designs and messages catch attention and spur action.

Flexible Solutions that Maximize Your Investment While Reducing Waste

Printing and mailing is a business cost. That’s why we apply proven solutions—like eliminating duplicates and suppressing statements with low or no balances—to maximize your investment while reducing waste and cost. Patients benefit from our approach too because they are spared from unnecessary mailings, making them more likely to respond to the mailings that matter.

End-to-End Services That Deliver Peace of Mind

You don’t just need print and mail services that drive results, you need the ability to see what’s happening throughout the entire process. RevSpring gives you complete transparency into the tracking, approvals and storage of all print (and digital!) communications we manage on your behalf. That includes the ability to view an exact PDF of each individual document for unparalleled compliance and peace of mind.

Comprehensive, High-Quality Communication Solutions

RevSpring has the expertise and solutions to help you shift more communication to digital channels—as it makes sense for your patients—while containing overall patient statement costs. And we provide you with the oversight and control you need to ensure each piece is designed, printed, delivered and stored precisely as you require and your patients prefer.

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