December 21, 2023

Build Positive Patient Engagement with Data Analytics

Responsible physicians and clinicians gather and analyze copious health details before recommending a course of treatment for each individual patient. Likewise, leveraging data-based intelligence to make sound patient engagement decisions should be a best practice for healthcare organizations today.

Patient-based data analysis might sound complicated—until you understand the solutions that already exist today. Data analysis solutions make it easier than ever to guide clear pathways to positive patient engagement leading to a better patient experience, higher revenue yield and reliable ROI on critical technology investments (more about that below).

It works by grouping patients according to well-established payment segmentation profiles. From there, data analysis reveals specific workflows for generating the best engagement strategies. One example: payment plans structured to offer terms tailored specifically to the needs of particular patients. When a payment plan offers payment amounts and reasonable payment time periods—specific for each patient—patients are much more likely to meet their healthcare financial obligations.

Seeing patients clearly, at scale, makes it easy to engage them, both in terms of self-service options and staffing support. By continuously doing this analysis providers remove guesswork and increase response/payments. Workflows have better, well, flow!

Choose Solutions Based on Reliable ROI Data

Investing in technology to analyze patient data doesn’t have to feel like playing darts in the dark. There are reliable methods for gauging ROI as you seek to balance staff efficiency and patient satisfaction with the help of data analytics.

By grouping patients according to proven payment segmentation profiles, you will increase yield in direct proportion. This empowers revenue cycle managers and their leaders to make decision based on exact ROI for patient engagement technology purchases, instead of relying on vague (and impossible to validate in advance) vendor predictions and promises.

Healthcare organizations—both large and small—are experiencing increased patient payment response, including higher levels of patient self-service, with this data-tailored approach to patient engagement. To learn more, see our whitepaper Leveraging Precision Data Analytics for Positive Patient Engagement, Payments and Reliable ROI.