Engagement You Can See, Optimized for Experience

Positive patient experiences engender patient loyalty. Whether a patient is selecting a provider, preparing for care, recovering, or paying a bill—each interaction makes an impression. RevSpring ensures that communication is consistent and coordinated everywhere, so patient experience becomes remarkable.

Remarkable experiences require accuracy, consistency, personalization and ease. To achieve that, you need a tool that helps you visualize the patient experience—and the results. The RevSpring OmniBrain™ is the only platform that lets you visualize the patient journey, individualize interaction precisely and dynamically, and optimize engagement at scale.

81% of patients are more trusting of providers who respect their communication preferences

More Than Personalized, It’s Individualized

Orchestrate a harmonious coordination of communication channels, based on what moves individuals to respond. Ensure patients feel you know them with messaging that speaks to them individually and acknowledges their needs, values and behaviors. It all comes down to ensuring consumers have access to the information they are seeking via the channels they are most likely to use.

Easily Engage without Overwhelming Patients

See everything that matters—for every patient engagement—based on our highly individualized patient personas all in one place. From there, OmniBrain makes it easy to build unique engagement strategies, including the most effective touchpoints and channels. And with Omni, messages and channels are coordinated so patients are not confused or overwhelmed.

Inspire Patient Action

There are countless patient engagement paths, but paths that inspire action are the only ones that matter. Our OmniChannel approach integrates everywhere—from our preservice and patient access suite to our market leading payment solution, PersonaPay. We apply best practice patient workflows that fit individual personas. This means each patient’s journey that is most likely to inspire a particular action fits them.

Optimization in Your Hands

This level of precision requires visualization. Seeing how unique patients respond on their path empowers you to take action. OmniBrain lets you visualize all the steps patients take along their journey. Knowing what they respond to—and what they don’t—enables continuous optimization for optimal results: in outcomes, cost efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Change Course Dynamically Based on Patient Actions

What does “dynamic” mean in the context of patient engagement? Here’s our definition: continuous optimization that maximizes your communication efforts by delivering the right messages at the right time using precisely the right combination of channels. This happens by seeking the Voice of the Patient to understand their preferences and satisfaction—and continually using their feedback to improve their experience.

Build Patient Trust—and Better Results

Not only does dynamic communication build trust with your patients, who feel recognized and understood, it drives positive results throughout your entire organization. When combined with consistent branding—language, phone numbers and email domains across all touchpoints—patients come to deeply trust your communications and rarely opt out of self-service options (opt out rates average 1% with our customers’ patients). Not surprisingly, all of this leads to better results, including increased patient self-service of up to 20%.

Listen to Your Patients

Patients tell us what they want—not only explicitly—but implicitly. When patients interact, we learn something about them. When they don’t, we find ways they will. Whether patients tell us their preference, or imply preference through action, our dynamic journeys adapt to the channels and messages they respond to best. Seeking patient feedback along the journey captures preferences and satisfaction—and continually improves each outcome.


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