December 16, 2021

Let Patients Have It Their Way with Flexible Payment Options

“Predictive, proactive care focused on keeping people well based on their unique values, needs and circumstances is the digital future of healthcare. By utilizing the right tools, technologies and strategy, healthcare systems can reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, and improve patient outcomes, all while building a system that benefits consumers and providers alike.”

That statement from the HIMSS website applies equally well to revenue cycle management and patient payments. Harnessing technology and using the right tools and strategy is proven to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and improve the patient financial experience.

What is the best patient payment strategy?

From where we sit, understanding how patients behave and providing multiple options are among the best ways to ensure each patient’s unique values, needs and circumstances are met. We often talk about the benefit of offering both print and digital payments to accommodate your patients and their particular preferences. But within the category of “digital” a number of options also exist and, ideally, should be available for your patients to choose among.

Apple Pay® is one such digital wallet that devotees of Apple® products may particularly appreciate. Paying for healthcare needs with Apple Pay increases convenience for those patients since it allows patients to make payments, easily and securely, using an iPhone® or iPad® with Face ID®, Touch ID®, or passcode, eliminating the need to store credit card information. Providers benefit, too, due to a greater conversion rate, and a secure and faster payment flow.

Patients are consumers—and, like all consumers—they want choices that fit their personal preferences. It’s a no brainer that patients who already are loyal to Apple products and services will want to have it their way by using Apple Pay to pay for healthcare expenses. Providing digital payment options like Apple Pay also is good for providers because payments are processed and received quickly and securely.

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