Engage IQ™ Delivers One Coordinated Patient Experience From Pre-Care Through Payment

Intelligence. Connection. Innovation. All are essential to inspire patients to participate in, and pay for, their healthcare. RevSpring closes all the gaps to deliver a patient experience that’s as effortless, personal and connected as the device in their hands.

Engage IQ™ centers on patient understanding to deliver a wholistic experience that is effortless and personal, which optimizes outcomes for patients, members and providers.

Doors Open Wider with RevSpring

RevSpring empowers consumers—before they become patients—to shop for services, compare prices and self-schedule. Through an always open digital front door, RevSpring connects consumers to each next step, to schedule, select communications preferences, or even converse with staff and providers—without fuss or friction. This is the first step in getting to know your patients.

Communication is Accurate from the Start

Relationships progress, with Best in KLAS® patient communication that help patients remember and prepare for appointments. A digital intake experience pre-populates known information, and allows patients to input and correct personal data. Fewer handoffs and less manual entry ensures accuracy. Our Arrived™ virtual waiting room lets patients check in from the car, from their living room, from anywhere! They can co-pay or prepay using the device in their hand—even store a card for frictionless payments along the way.

A Better Start Leads to Better Outcomes

With the power and reach of digital outreach, automated care plans help you stay connected—with critical follow-up after each care episode. Patients stay on track with recovery using clear, actionable, measurable digital outreach. Patient-reported outcome surveys gauge patient health in the channel that’s best for them—online, text or automated phone surveys—when it matters most.

Digital Engagement Everywhere

Many patients want their financial experience to be digital—from EOBs, to statements, to clear reminders, because patients do forget! We use Digital First™ to accelerate the digital experience for patients most likely to engage digitally—which helps you control costs. Digital First does not mean digital only—patients still receive printed statements when they are most effective, to uphold a higher yield, a better patient experience, and lower overall costs.

Fit the Payment to the Patient

With the industry leading PersonaPay™ platform, patients pay in just a few clicks from anywhere. You know a lot about your patients. Leverage that insight to fit their payment options to their needs. When you offer precisely the right payment option that fits their means, you will earn their trust. Increasing payment yield begins with clear, personalized communications.

Listen to the Voice of Each Patient

You really can’t build a remarkable patient experience without seeking the feedback of the patient. Loyalty begins with trust and understanding, so we also make it easy to gather patient feedback along the patient journey. Our coordinated surveys help you listen, understand, and act.

“RevSpring knows how to connect the dots to make sure everything works together for the best results.”

— Deborah Kelly, MyCare Finance CEO

It All Adds Up to Better Outcomes

Patients expect to interact with you in a consistent and coordinated way. That begins and ends with communication. Our person-first approach provides that consistency at every step in your patients’ journey. There’s no better way to exceed patient expectations—or ensure optimal organizational outcomes—than partnering with RevSpring.

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