Build Loyalty by Delivering a Memorable Patient Experience

Accidents and acute illnesses happen. That’s when the care you provide could not be timelier. Delivering a stellar patient experience ensures that your clinic is top of mind the next time patients need you. From check-in to final payment, our solutions help you create a convenient, connected experience patients will appreciate and remember.

Patients typically pay 6.5 days faster when sent a digital communication

RevSpring Makes Patient Engagement Easy

Urgent care settings are busy, even chaotic under extreme circumstances. Eliminate chaos with proven solutions that conveniently guide patients through every step of their urgent care visit. With RevSpring on board, patients will appreciate a seamless, personalized experience, beginning with QR codes in the waiting room for easy online check-in and real-time waiting line updates to digital forms that utilize Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that make sharing important data as simple as taking a photo on their phones. OCR also enhances our ability to deliver precise insurance eligibility and patient responsibility assessments in real-time.

Increase Clean Claims and Reimbursement Rates with RevSpring

Collect the right patient responsibility payments and increase insurance reimbursement rates with a little help from our real-time eligibility solution. Other RevSpring urgent care clients have seen up to an 9% increase in their collection rates and clean claim rate increases by 22%. Getting the right information at the right time is key to these results and your success.

Improve Yield and Satisfaction with
Personalized Patient Payment Options

Whether collecting payments upfront during intake or after insurance adjudication, RevSpring solutions empower you to engage with patients in ways they prefer. Sometimes that may mean sending both paper and electronic statements and payment reminders, while collecting payments via lockbox, text, email or phone using IVR technology.

Make their experience seamless by using these channels to direct patients to RevSpring’s industry-leading online payment portal. Our platform’s built-in intelligence offers tailored payment options for each patient, including full payments, payment plans and other financing options. This personalized approach accelerates payment times and reduces write-offs or the need for collections. You win. Patients win.

Put Payment Processing Cares Behind with Built-in Merchant Services

Once a patient payment is collected, RevSpring’s built-in merchant services ensure secure, efficient and accurate processing and reconciliation. In addition to credit, debit and cash payment methods, you can also collect patient responsibility balances via alternative payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. RevSpring helps you close the loop on every payment with competitive processing rates tailored for urgent care practices and automated reconciliation reporting. Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive payment processing solutions.

Like you, we care.

Caring for your urgent care is just the beginning. Partner with RevSpring to create a patient experience that is convenient, efficient and empathetic. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help.