Connected Experiences Build Patient Engagement and Trust

Engaged patients tend to show up for appointments, rebook canceled appointments, follow care instructions from their providers and meet their financial obligations. RevSpring makes it easy to cultivate engagement beginning with preservice—and throughout the entire healthcare journey—with connected communication. Using accurate data to connect the entire patient experience—combined with spot-on messaging and branding delivered via precisely the right channels—helps patients feel more trust, which persists from preparing for their care, adhering to a care plan, post-service and even paying their bill.

Best in KLAS®

Talksoft® Patient Engagement Messaging Suite has been rated #1 in Patient Communications in the “2024 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report, published by KLAS.

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Personalize Patient Journeys to Demonstrate You Care

Healthcare isn’t always easy. Waiting, filling out forms, making and keeping track of appointments, understanding estimates and paying statements—all can create headaches for patients. RevSpring helps you replace hassles with solutions that show patients you care. We combine hands-off automation with human-touch personalization to provide consistent, streamlined and nearly effortless solutions that:

  • Make scheduling and preparing for appointments a breeze
  • Increase patient convenience with self-serve tools
  • Keep patients on track with appointments and rescheduling
  • Make communication fast and easy, even when you need to reach many patients all at the same time
  • Streamline collection of preservice payments
  • Provide engagement options that match patient preferences

“Since we implemented the system, our no-show rate has decreased significantly.”

–KLAS Research Study

Bolster Intake Accuracy and Reduce Costly Errors

Healthcare information errors are a leading cause of insurance claim denials. It doesn’t need to be true at your organization. Our patient intake solution uses intelligent messages and other innovative tools to bring patients in your door with accurate registration data. Prime example: our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution that facilitates uploading personal information for digital forms completion, which increases patient convenience. OCR also increases accuracy and reduces common errors that create time-consuming and expensive problems for your organization.

RevSpring understands the people in the healthcare field that they are working with, and that is refreshing. We don’t always get that level of knowledge from other vendors.

— KLAS Research Study

Show Staff Some Love Too

Check-in systems, clinical intake forms and preservice communication. What do they all have in common? Unfortunately, for many providers the answer is limited staff resources. Our automated technology can upgrade manual processes that bog down staff. You’ll also increase productivity with intelligent communication, simple forms and virtual check-in options—so staff can reduce administrative time and focus on what matters: your patients.

“We appreciate RevSpring’s patient messaging solutions, especially now because we are very short-staffed. It would be extremely difficult for us to do the job that RevSpring is doing.”

—KLAS Research Study

Empower Patients with Connected Engagement that Inspires Action

Patients don’t compartmentalize their healthcare interactions—it all coalesces to form one personalized brand experience. Strengthen engagement from the start by using connected technologies that inspire patients to self-serve. RevSpring is the leading provider of patient engagement and communication solutions—including Arrived™ Patient Intake & Visit Management and Talksoft® Patient Messaging Suite—spanning the entire patient life cycle to help you achieve patient engagement rates as high as 90%.

A comprehensive patient engagement platform

RevSpring’s platform for messaging provides an automated way to communicate with and engage patients with precise and tailored messaging that surrounds each encounter.   

As your communication strategy grows, we will be there to help you drive meaningful patient engagement with intelligent reminders and messaging solutions. 



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