March 6, 2024

Connecting the Dots Between Patient Billing and Retail Revenue

Product Highlight: RevSpring Merchant Services & SalesVu

Gift shops, cafeterias, coffee shops, beauty and wellness centers and equipment rentals serve a vital purpose within a healthcare organization’s ecosystem. These onsite retailers are integral to the overall healing culture by offering visitors and employees a respite from the anxiety and stress of a healthcare environment. They also help support the bottom line.

Yet, revenue for onsite retail payments and patient billing remains firmly separated for many organizations. Disparate systems and multiple vendors create data silos and reconciliation challenges. These fragmented systems also make it difficult to see a complete revenue picture.

Single, Unified Platform is a Game Changer

That is where RevSpring and SalesVu connect the dots. RevSpring now is partnering with SalesVu , a cloud-based business management, Point-of-Sale (POS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider. SalesVu understands the nuanced retail customer journeys that occur in a sensitive healthcare environment. It offers digital, mobile and onsite features and functionality consumers expect. RevSpring specializes in exceptional patient payment solutions at every touchpoint.

Together, we offer a single, unified platform for accepting, processing and reconciling payments for both patient billing and non-patient revenue from ancillary verticals. In addition to traditional POS, this solution supports numerous other use cases, including:

  • Kiosks for easy and convenient self-service food and beverage fulfillment
  • Rental and recurring billing set up for equipment such as breast pumps
  • Online purchasing of flowers or other items from branded gift shop websites
  • QR codes to support contactless orders and payments
  • Appointment management at onsite beauty salons

Combining SalesVu with RevSpring Merchant Services and patient billing minimizes complexity. Using the same processing platform eliminates the need to manage multiple vendors and various processing relationships and transaction fees. Payments can be accepted from credit/debit cards, Google Pay and ApplePay. Mutual clients also benefit from RevSpring’s buying power and payment facilitator status to provide reliable, simplified processing services and cost savings with competitive rates.

Taking payments is just half of this game-changing equation. Reconciling all transactions in a timely and efficient manner is the other half.

With RevSpring and SalesVu, a complete reconciliation of both patient billing and retail revenue is possible. RevSpring’s Settlement-based Reconciliation tool, part of our Merchant Services offering, standardizes the reconciliation process. It tracks every payment from the time of transaction through settlement and funding. It helps reduce human error and reduce write-offs, while cutting manual reconciliation times in half.

Beyond front-end guest services and payment processing, SalesVu also provides robust backend workflows to create a complete solution for ancillary services. Integrated staffing, order management, inventory, pricing, reporting, and other modules streamline operations and simplify IT management.

Break down the silos between patient billing and non-patient revenue while providing an efficient, secure and flexible POS, eCommerce, and ERP solution. With RevSpring and SalesVu, healthcare organizations can offer retail customers the experience they expect while simplifying payment processing and reconciliation with one cohesive solution.