March 16, 2022

Digital Doorways Explained: In 500 Words or Less

Consumer price shopping tools. Preservice price estimation. Patient intake. digital billing and payment options. These all comprise vital parts of the patient healthcare and financial journey. But they also can serve as convenient digital doorways that enable a precise and productive patient engagement strategy.

Rather than disconnected individual processes, digital doorways are linked. Think of them as connected portals for contactless connection that puts patient convenience first, while lowering costs and improving revenue management for healthcare organizations. There is no single “digital front door” since there are many digital points of entry.

When a patient “walks” through any digital doorway, their previous experience within the other doorways comes with them. For example, a billing statement recognizes a preservice price estimation. If the final statement amount is different from the estimate, the billing statement explains why. Digital doorways mean the end of information silos within healthcare organizations since connection requires one consistent view of the patent.

Connecting digital doorways leads to a seamless and more satisfying patient experience. Messages are consistent. Convenience is increased. And, most important, patients feel known and respected. Patient loyalty—and more tangible benefits that can be seen in your bottom line—are the other natural outcomes.

How do you achieve a truly connected digital doorways strategy that increases efficiency, lowers costs and optimizes resources?

Three keys to successful digital doorways engagement:

Skillful use of data is necessary to determine precise engagement messages and delivery methods for each patient. Analytics and predictive data models, which can anticipate who will respond to which messages, turn this key.

Automated solutions scale one-to-one patient engagement without taxing an organization’s IT or administrative staff members in the process. They also make connections seamless.

Ongoing improvement is the natural outcome when messages and delivery methods are continuously honed based on learnings from response models.

Put it all together and you have a true digital doorways strategy that leads to satisfied patients and such potential results as:

  • Attendance rates as high as 95%
  • 44% higher payment rate
  • 30% reduction in print costs

Learn about the shared attributes of digital doorways and their power to improve the experience for patients and healthcare providers in our white paper.