September 21, 2023

Let OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Supercharge Your Patient Intake

Product Feature: Optical Character Recognition

How many times have you shown up at the doctor’s office to be handed a clipboard and then spent the next 15 minutes writing your name, birthday, and address over and over and over again? Redundant tasks can be a burden for both patients and staff. It’s time to take the pain out of patient paperwork by leveraging the power of OCR.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows patients to quickly and accurately complete digital forms. Not only does OCR reduce the administrative burden on staff during the preservice registration process, it increases convenience for patients.

Here’s how it works:

  • Patients take a photo of their driver’s license, insurance card or other documents
  • OCR auto scans the document for key information
  • Relevant fields are used to auto-populate form fields
  • Any reoccurring fields within the form packet are also auto-populated
  • Document images and field level data are saved and integrated back into your system of truth (EMR/EHR)

Save patient and staff time

Using OCR allows patients to use the camera on their device to scan their driver’s license and automatically capture information like name, date of birth, home address and driver’s license number. Using OCR from RevSpring eliminates the need for patients to manually enter that information on the check-in form or any subsequent forms.

Patients also can upload their insurance card, which gives healthcare providers an image of the document. Plus, the OCR technology can pull information such as the subscriber name, identification and group ID numbers, co-pay amounts and insurance company information, into discreet field-level data.

Leveraging RevSpring’s strong integrations with EMR/EHR vendors, the information gathered during the data collection and OCR process can be passed back to the host system as a PDF, image, and/or at the field level.

Accuracy from the start

Healthcare information errors are a leading cause of insurance claim denials. A 2022 study found that missing or invalid claim data was second only to registration eligibility issues for causing claim denials.

OCR’s benefits go beyond convenience. It’s a game-changer for error reduction. RevSpring customers that use OCR to streamline the forms completion process increase the accuracy of data captured at intake, eliminating costly errors that can lead to insurance claim denials, returned mail and other administrative headaches.

It’s time to ditch the clipboard

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. The days of filling out endless forms in the doctor’s office are fading thanks to the transformative power of Optical Character Recognition. With OCR, patients can say goodbye to repetitive data entry and hello to a streamlined, hassle-free registration process.

Patients and staff—and your bottom line—benefit when registration is fast, easy and accurate from the start.