February 12, 2021

What Matters Now: Engagement Everywhere

RevSpring dedicates a blog post each month to explore what matters now in healthcare engagement and payments. We’ll focus on trends and topics that benefit patients – and your healthcare organization. This month, we turn our attention to “Engagement Everywhere.”

Devices that are integrated and automated are powering innovation breakthroughs in almost every realm of human experience. A similar concept lies behind Engagement Everywhere, which delivers powerful ROI benefits. In healthcare, Engagement Everywhere means highly personalized communication delivered in ways that patients prefer at every touchpoint in the healthcare experience.

Engagement Everywhere in healthcare engagement and payments refers to an entire ecosystem that engages patients even before they become your patients. A true Engagement Everywhere ecosystem incorporates financial communication at every turn, from pre-service to post-service, and integrates both traditional communications and digital technology to match the needs and preferences of patients.

Beyond Payment Portals: Engagement Everywhere

Most importantly, Engagement Everywhere engages consumers in ways that they prefer and that works best for them, no matter if they’re sitting at home or climbing a mountain. For patients, Engagement Everywhere could mean:

  • Healthcare price comparison shopping online that is fast and easy.
  • Making an appointment that includes receiving an estimate.
  • Checking in for an appointment, perhaps via a mobile phone from the clinic parking lot, that provides a chance to pay a copay and provide patient information digitally.
  • After a care visit, the bill that arrives in the best channel(s) for them – a text, email, or traditional paper statement delivered via the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Agent-assisted interactions that are consistent with every other financial touchpoint.

The Engagement Everywhere ecosystem connects healthcare providers and their patients through smart, targeted communications. Data-driven engagement serves up the right messages for the right patients at the right time – delivered in the right ways. It’s the combination of all these factors that makes Engagement Everywhere a powerful strategy for differentiating your organization and improving your ROI.

Meet Patients Where They Are

How does Engagement Everywhere fit different patients with different needs and preferences? Click on each to follow their journey.


While Engagement Everywhere clearly means different things for different people, all patients want engagement that fits them, prepares them, and is consistent and appropriate. Providers who understand this gain impressive ROI benefits.

The Bottom Line

Patients who live in smart houses and wear smart watches and use smart phones expect smart engagement with their healthcare providers. Providers who understand that Engagement Everywhere means much more than a simple payment portal have a major edge in the increasingly competitive healthcare environment. You will be rewarded in tangible ways: increased payments, fewer technology integrations, lower cost to control and manage, less waste, and stronger patient loyalty.

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