December 4, 2023

Show Your Appreciation for Employees Now and All Year Long

With nearly a dozen major holidays this month—Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa to name just a few—many organizational leaders look for ways to express appreciation to hardworking staff members. While a coffee mug or hat emblazoned with your logo is an easy choice, we suspect those typical gestures don’t count for much when employees feel overworked or undervalued.

What’s the alternative?

Investing in solutions that create ease, convenience and efficiency truly communicates to employees that you care about the quality of their work life. Solutions that reduce the amount of time front desk staff must spend on tedious processes, like entering patients’ insurance and driver license numbers into their chart, provides more time for staff to prepare patients for procedures, answer questions and process copayments.

Making it easy for patients to self-serve—scheduling or changing appointments and making payments—reduces the workload, which is particularly helpful when your staff is operating with fewer than the optimum number of employees (an all too common scenario in healthcare today).

By allowing technology to bear some of the burden, you free employees to focus on tasks that truly require an engaged human. That increases their sense of satisfaction and leads to a better patient experience too.

With the new year just around the corner, now is the time to consider how your organization can leverage smart solutions that communicate your care for employees and patients all year round. If budgets are tight, start with something modest—IVR for patient questions or OCR to make it easier for patients to complete digital forms—and then watch staff satisfaction grow as patients express gratitude for these easier engagement options.

It’s easy to say “thanks” or “you’re appreciated.” Demonstrating appreciation by cultivating a healthier work-life balance for employees goes a lot further. It boosts their morale and loyalty. And not only will your team feel your appreciation, they will gain a new sense of work purpose too!

RevSpring wishes you and everyone at your organization a happy, healthy and productive new year. We also appreciate you. Let us demonstrate that by partnering with you to express your appreciation and respect for employees and patients in 2024 and beyond!