Human Understanding Powered by Intelligence

Understanding patients is critical to improving outcomes. Ideally, your patients should feel “they know me” when engaging with you. That’s why we use a propriety approach to analytics to gain more precise insight into your patient’s needs, behaviors and tendencies—throughout their entire healthcare journey. What does this result in? Industry-leading data-based solutions that help healthcare providers find and leverage the most effective ways for patients to resolve their financial obligations, interact with communications, trust their estimates, and more!

Clients utilizing RevSpring Analytics increase collections 3-7%

Match Payment Options for Every Patient

Patients differ and so do their approaches to paying for their healthcare costs. But how do you know how to present the right payment option for each patient? We calculate payment propensity, the right amount and duration of payment plans, and financial assistance indicators based on patient history and ability to pay—all without ever impacting their credit scores. The bottom line: you experience higher response and payment rates while improving patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Use Channels that Each Patient Responds to Best

Payment options are just one critical piece of positive financial outcomes. Equally important is knowing how best to reach patients. RevSpring gives you precise insight into which communication channel—print, email, phone or text—will be most effective with each patient. Reduce waste with communications that reach patients the right way, and avoid overwhelming patients with communications that feel like unwanted noise.

Designs That Power Higher Response Rates

Understanding what makes patients respond helps tailor communications that drive action. Our Smart Statements use intelligence to dynamically apply messaging—including payment options and other calls to action—to the unique needs of each individual patient. RevSpring also applies best practices in graphic design to create patient statements that compel patients to pay. Heat mapping technology, gaze path studies and virtual focus groups mean our statement designs are scientifically proven to yield positive results, including measurable improvements in yield and speed to payment.

Centralize Revenue Cycle Data to Make Nimble Business Decisions

RevSpring bolsters collections and other engagement performance by tracking and analyzing essential communications and payment information. Save time, money and wasted effort by acting quickly. Our analytics team is ready to optimize your program results.

Ramp Up Results with Smart Analytics

We infuse smart analytics everywhere to help customers improve outcomes.

A Measurably Better Patient Experience

Calculate payment propensity. Match financial conversations to each patient’s unique profile. Use algorithms and virtual focus groups to improve statements. Leverage real-time data to track and analyze essential financial communications and payments information. With RevSpring, you unleash the power of iterative modeling and machine learning to guarantee the absolute best results for you and your patients!



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