Build Trust—and Timely Payments—with Smart Patient Engagement

The challenges in healthcare are serious. Patients now have greater financial responsibility as payers shift a larger portion of rising costs, staffing is limited and errors often result in billing mistakes that cost you time and money. How can your lab overcome these challenges? RevSpring offers proven patient engagement and payment solutions that build patient trust, reduce staff burden and drive better financial outcomes.

More than 70 independent laboratories rely on RevSpring for patient engagement and payment solutions that deliver proven results

RevSpring Makes Every Patient Accession Count

With lab volumes increasing and patient financial responsibility on the rise, RevSpring makes every patient accession count. From patient engagement using the right messaging and channels to tailored payment options that inspire patients to fulfill their financial responsibility, we can help you effectively reach and engage your laboratory patients to drive timely payments and patient satisfaction.

We Offer Seamless Integration with Your Billing System

All the data we capture and share works seamlessly with your billing system. Our proven integrations with the leading laboratory billing systems—Xifin, TELCOR and Quadax—ensure that your system remains your source of truth. RevSpring has perfected a repeatable and proven integration methodology to ensure future integrations are as successful as those we have currently available.

Effective Engagement is Essential at Every Lab Patient Touchpoint

Infused with intelligence, RevSpring solutions ensure lab patients receive the right messages at the right time. This intelligence also empowers you to use the most effective communication channels with every patient to drive timely responses.

More than 80% of patients said they were more likely to trust their healthcare providers if they communicate with them using their preferred communication channels

We Leverage Intelligence for Smarter Payments

Offering each patient the right payment option, sending easy-to-understand billing statements and making the payment process convenient are other ways our smart solutions help laboratories effectively engage with patients.

Smart Statements: Tailor messaging and calls to action based on intelligence that promotes response. Send either digital or printed statements to offer individualized payment options based on a patient’s propensity to pay.

Patient self-service payments with online portals, text and IVR: Offer you patients a wide array of payment tools to catch them where they are most likely to interact. This can include uncomplicated online payment portals, text messages with links to quickly and conveniently make payments, and Interactive Voice Response technology for easy payments with no staff intervention.

Staff-assisted payments with Deviceless PaymentsWhen staff is needed for taking payments, provide a secure way for them to capture a patient’s banking or card information without hearing or seeing this private information.

Payment processing and automated reconciliation: Close the loop on every payment. When RevSpring solutions are used to take payments you also benefit from built-in payment processing and automated reconciliation. This has proven to cut manual reconciliation time in half and offer competitive processing rates for our lab clients today.

Keep Patients Up to Speed

Notify patients when lab results are ready with automated communications via phone, text, and email. RevSpring’s templated messages can be delivered automatically when results are ready, saving staff effort while keeping patients informed in a timely manner.

Your work is important and we want to help.

We know your work is vital to patients’ wellbeing. Let RevSpring enhance your patient engagement and payments with proven, industry-leading solutions. Give your staff a helping hand, improve the patient experience and enjoy better financial outcomes when you partner with RevSpring.