Ease Growing Pains

Growth in the pharmacy industry is on the uptick as pharmacists step into more traditional caregiving roles. In addition to filling prescriptions, many pharmacists now provide vaccinations, tests, walk-in clinic services, and much more. As pharmacists expand their role for patient care, RevSpring has the right digital patient engagement, payments, and integration solutions to fit any pharmacy model. From retail pharmacy to specialty, or in clinics and hospitals, we have you covered with a unique solution set that fits your unique needs. The end result is better patient engagement while improving your bottom line.

Rely On Us

Improve patient relationships, payment convenience, patient responsibility receivables, caregiver engagement, data accuracy, and market share while decreasing call and wait times, postage costs, bad debt, PCI scope, and staff burden.

Propel Your Pharmacy Forward

Pharmacy staff members often feel tremendous pressure to meet competing needs of patients waiting in long store lines, on the phone and even in drive-through car lanes. “Putting out the daily fires” often is all staff members have time to do, leaving many missed opportunities to proactively interact with patients in regards to prescription and appointment reminders as well as other important messages, such as vaccine awareness campaigns.

Our patient engagement solutions send personalized messages to precisely the right time using the most appropriate delivery methods for each patient. You can also easily collect payments, send refill requests and statuses, and even surveys through these communication efforts. When patients feel that you know them and respect their communication preferences, they will visit more often and even recommend your pharmacy to others.

Take Care of Your Patients—And Your Bottom Line

How do you collect patient responsibility payments for outliers such as prescriptions being mailed out or for health services that are partially covered by insurance? RevSpring has intuitive digital payment tools that patients can easily access over the phone, via text or online. Patients can use these payment channels before, during our after their interaction with your pharmacy. With the convenience and ease of use, patients are more apt to fulfill their financial obligations faster and you win by decreasing bad-debt write-offs.

RevSpring: Integrated With Epic Willow®

RevSpring has a long track record of successful EHR and practice management integrations. Integrating with Epic Willow® is no exception. This integration allows pharmacies that use Epic Willow to seamlessly process and reconcile all in-pharmacy payments using Epic’s Credit Card Framework and RevSpring’s Merchant Services. This integration brings added value by combining the Willow integration with IIAS certification—which enables real-time verification that purchased medical items are eligible for FSA/HRA use—resulting in a smoother checkout process for all. This eliminates the need to track the percentage of non-pharmacy sales or to apply annually to prove IIAS compliance. It also enhances the opportunities to seamlessly take, process, and reconcile payments while continuously leveraging your Epic investment.

RevSpring: The Answer.

If your pharmacy staff is bogged down, but strives for better patient engagement, or you are not achieving the patient responsibility pay rate you desire, please reach out—we have a solution for you.