Engagement That's Distinctly Yours

Specialty healthcare providers face special challenges, from staff shortages to patients who can be slow in meeting their financial obligations, and more. Your patients crave convenient self-service—making and changing appointments, paying their bills, and getting answers to questions without playing endless rounds of telephone tag with your office.

We understand.

RevSpring continuously innovates technology solutions specifically addressing your unique challenges, empowering you to understand, communicate and engage with patients in ways they prefer—and that strengthen your bottom line.

Below are some of the specialty healthcare industries with whom we are privileged to partner with today.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Patients today are responsible for a higher percentage of their healthcare costs than ever before. This, combined with rising costs beyond your control, can make it difficult for many patients to pay their surgery bills. Personalized communication that demonstrates you understand each patient’s unique situation—tied with accurate care estimates presented prior to procedures—significantly improves payment results. And our smart, scalable solutions have a proven track record in reducing your costs and driving higher revenue. Your patients count on you to provide the best surgical outcomes possible. Count on RevSpring to delight them with personalized financial engagement that meets their needs for price transparency and convenient, easy payments.


Precision is critical in dentistry. That same attention to every detail truly matters when communicating with patients and providing them with personalized payment options. Our patient outreach solutions soften patient pain related to payments. They also help increase your cash flow and reduce patient communication costs. RevSpring’s commitment to integrated, connected patient engagement is an added plus for dental practices working from multiple locations—all from the convenience of one centralized EHR platform.


Your patients range from people seeking a clear complexion to those wishing to turn back time to those with serious skin conditions. No two patients are the same, and neither should your approach to communication and financial engagement. Patients give you their trust. Return it with flexible digital engagement solutions that make it easy for patients to arrange appointments, ask questions and make payments—all in ways that they prefer. Best of all, our engagement solutions integrate with more than 20 different EHRs, making them exceedingly easy for you to implement on the backend.

Durable Medical Equipment

Rising numbers in chronic diseases and the geriatric population alone leads to a boost in the need for durable medical equipment. Are you able to keep up? RevSpring can help you manage your referral-intensive business to improve the patient experience. From managing referrals, patient scheduling and pricing estimates, to self-service payment options and processing patient payments, RevSpring has a connected solution that puts the patient first. We use an OmniChannel approach that determines whether a patient prefers a digital, paper, or hybrid communication experience. All of this leads to happier patients and let’s you stay ahead of the game.


RevSpring is a leader in patient engagement and payment solutions that allow independent laboratories to best communicate and receive payments more effectively throughout the entire patient journey. With an increase in lab volumes and the corresponding patient financial responsibility on the rise, RevSpring makes it every patient accession count. From patient engagement with the right messaging and channel to tailored payment options that inspire patients to fulfill their financial responsibility and even automated intake process, RevSpring knows how to best reach and engage with your patients. Relied upon by more than 70 independent laboratories, you can trust RevSpring as your solution source within the healthcare ecosystem.

Long-Term Post Acute Care

RevSpring works with all types of LTPAC facilities to personalize guarantors’ payment experience and improve their payment rates. With RevSpring, you enjoy leading payment conversion rates and reduce inquiries thanks to our intuitive, easy-to-use self-service payment portal. And tracking and retaining all printed pieces—across email and text—is streamlined in one user-friendly platform. Our full suite of personalized statements, payment experiences and closed loop merchant services is all you need to create more targeted communications that deliver consistency and convenience at every guarantor touchpoint.


Orthopedic practices have challenges: denials due to data inaccuracy, rising costs to collect patient responsibility and many manual disparate workflows that lead to staff burnout. RevSpring is the only single-source provider that connects every patient touchpoint, from preservice appointment scheduling, reminders, managing referrals and digital intake to final payment and reconciliation with self-serve options. We can help you create a seamless patient experience that will reduce front-end denials, improve self-service while reducing staff burden, accelerate digital adoption to save on print and mail costs and increase yield from patient responsibility collections.

Physical Therapy

A favorable patient experience is determined by more than the interaction with a Physical Therapist. The referral process, filling out paperwork, scheduling recurring sessions, and paying a co-pays/coinsurance all contribute to a complete patient experience. Many Physical Therapy practices still rely on a paper intensive and manual environment, with staffing levels also being a challenge. What if you could assist your staff and patients with more automated and digital tools? With RevSpring you can mainstream scheduling, referrals, intake forms and even auto-payments for patient responsibility. We can help you find that missing piece that leads to an overall superior patient experience.

Rural Healthcare

We understand the real struggle Rural Healthcare providers face today. Larger patient to physician ratios, many barriers to care, struggles to keep service lines up and running and overall tight budgets. RevSpring’s Rural Healthcare solution promotes patient self-service and automation where staffing levels are lagging and technology budgets are tight. Subscribing to a digital first methodology, providers can save on postage while increasing digital adoption that helps accelerate action and lowers the cost to collect. By understanding each individual patient, RevSpring’s Rural Healthcare solution delivers accurate engagement using the right communication channels and messages before, during and after care to drive desired outcomes.

Urgent Care

When patients need your urgent care service, time and comfort is of the essence. Although we wish everyone can stay healthy and accident-free, that isn’t the case and you want to be top of mind for the next trip to an urgent care. RevSpring can help you build patient loyalty by setting a stellar first and lasting impression. We can help you increase clean claim rates, display pricing estimates, improve intake data accuracy, improve up-front payments and reduce staff burden all with making it fast and easy for your patients to interact with you before, during and after their care.

RevSpring: Where Healthcare and Proven Solutions Meet

You don’t become an industry leader without focus. We’re proud of our track record and appreciate the many specialty healthcare organizations we’re privileged to partner with. Our story begins with a laser focus on positive patient engagement, analytics that inspire action, ROI that delivers, and innovation based on the understanding that there’s no end to better. Our sophisticated solutions are full-service and easily integrated with almost all EHR systems in use today. The bottom line…RevSpring is dedicated to innovation that empowers specialty providers to understand, communicate and connect with patients—from preservice through payments and beyond.