May 9, 2022

Improve the Payer Member Experience with Actionable Survey Data in a Meaningful Timeframe

Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) surveys are a valuable tool for payers and their members. Not only do they empower people who use Medicare to make informed decisions when selecting health plans, they give payers data to identify their own strengths and areas where improvement is needed.

Getting a head start on CAHPS surveys is even more valuable. Pre-surveys can identify issues prior to members providing CAHPS evaluations, giving payers ample opportunities to make improvements. These improvements not only benefit members in the short term, they also increase the likelihood of positive CAHPS survey results and improved star ratings for payers in the longer term.

Higher star ratings directly correlate with increased enrollment and revenue. Research shows improving quality ratings by just one star may increase enrollment by up to 10% year-on-year and can increase revenue by 17%. Improved quality and Medicare member interaction also leads to optimized federal reimbursement. However, when quality ratings slip by just a half-star, revenue can decrease by nearly 23%.

The stakes are high when it comes to knowing what members think about your organization. Why not shift those stakes in your favor by using every tool at your disposal to learn what members think in a timeframe that allows you to respond—before crucial CAHPS surveys are conducted?

Using an OmniChannel approach to conduct pre-CAHPS surveys—and other payer member satisfaction surveys continuously throughout the year—not only shows members that you care, it makes it easier for them to respond. Providers are finding that OmniChannel distribution—IVR, email and text—of customized pre-CAHPS surveys is a powerful supplement to high quality printed pre-surveys. And a best-of-breed OmniChannel solution automates the process of identifying and engaging the best engagement channel for each member. Transparency in the development, refinement, distribution and storage of all print and digital communications also is ensured.

Best of all, an OmniChannel approach allows your members to respond in the way that is most convenient for them—greatly improving survey response rates. Higher response rates, of course, translate into more actionable data. As your organization leverages this early feedback to make improvements, members will know that their voices are being heard. This will reflect positively on your organization when the actual CAHPS surveys are taken.

But don’t stop with pre-CAHPS surveys!

Other surveys benefit from an OmniChannel approach too. Prepare, send and manage every survey you use with an OmniChannel approach to maximize member participation and actionable data. Here are just some of the surveys that benefit from an OmniChannel approach: Health Outcomes Survey (HOS), Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), Medication Adherence, Behavioral Health, Member Satisfaction, New Member and Gap-in-Care.

No matter which surveys—or pre-survey—you administer, use an OmniChannel strategy to increase the likelihood of engagement response for better overall results.