Patient Engagement Everywhere

This is at the heart of everything we do.  

Engagement is personal and each patient is unique. Individuals respond better when they are communicated with in ways that work best for them.

No matter which doorway a patient uses to enter your organization—the front door, a side door or any digital door—our solutions are designed to connect and improve the patient experience from preservice to payment.

Best in KLAS®

Talksoft® Patient Engagement Messaging Suite has been rated #1 in Patient Communications in the “2024 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report, published by KLAS.

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Intelligence Drives Action

Smart patient engagement solutions don’t exist in a vacuum. Using data to understand what inspires positive patient action is what matters most, for you and your patients. It begins with knowing your patients and then leveraging that insight to engage in ways that fit each individual patient and make them feel good about their experiences. If you’re successful, patients will always have a sense that you know them and be more likely to respond, helping you to achieve better outcomes.

From Preservice to Payments

Solutions that connect—and improve—a patient’s experience everywhere they engage with providers are central to better results for patients and providers. We help our customers walk in their patients’ shoes, everywhere their healthcare journey leads them.

“RevSpring understands the people in the healthcare field that they are working with, and that is refreshing. We don’t always get that level of knowledge from a vendor.”

— KLAS Research Study

True ROI Means Better Outcomes

Delivering a true return on investment means performance you can see and better outcomes for all. Here are just a few examples:

  • Patient appointment attendance rates of 95% or more
  • Collections improvements between 3-7%
  • Self-service improvements of 20% on average
  • Cost reduction by eliminating under-performing communications
  • Patient satisfaction of 90% or more, which engenders patient loyalty

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Always Innovating for You and Your Patients

From OmniBrain to OCR—and much more—RevSpring is dedicated to innovation that empowers providers to understand, communicate and connect with patients. We’re passionate about technical innovation because providers AND patients deserve better solutions to old problems.

Integration Brings It All Together Effortlessly

RevSpring solutions are designed to work with your existing EHR, practice management and other strategic technologies you have in place. Our goal? Making things work for you, your patients—and your IT team—with as little friction as absolutely possible.

“RevSpring is a forward-thinking company that keeps up to date with the latest technology and helps us reach our patients in the best way that we can.”

— KLAS Research Study

RevSpring: Where Healthcare and Proven Solutions Meet

You don’t become an industry leader without focus. We’re proud of our track record and appreciate the thousands of healthcare organizations we’re privileged to work with: present and future.

What is RevSpring’s story? It begins with our laser focus on patient engagement, analytics that inspires action, ROI that delivers, and innovation based on the understanding that there’s no end to better. It’s all combined with a commitment to what’s best for healthcare organizations and their patients—we do good work and work to do good.



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