Engaging Patients on Their Financial Path

No two patient financial paths are exactly the same. That’s why we help you inspire patients to pay precisely what they can, when they should, from anywhere. Understanding each patient’s unique situation makes it possible for you to offer tailored payment solutions—pay in full, payment plans, patient financing and financial assistance—which is presented in our groundbreaking PersonaPay™ portal.

Tailoring the payment experience leads to better outcomes, for providers and patients.

Best of all, patients have the sense that you know them.

RevSpring customers realize a 3-7% increase in payments when they combine the power of intelligence with PersonaPay

Put Preference In Your Patients’ Hands

Tailoring payment options based on patient understanding is just the beginning. Patients using PersonaPay also can easily set up and manage electronic statement delivery, payment plans, card/banking, digital wallet information and payment preferences. It’s all about ease of use and, of course, convenience.

“When looking at my account I was happy that there were payment plans available to me. I was pleased to see one that fit my needs.”

—RevSpring Voice of the Patient national survey

“We’ve had 65% adoption in the digital environment and $300k in savings. We’ve also seen a more than $5 million increase in self-serve payments.”

— OhioHealth executive

Intelligence Enables Consistency

Intelligence drives the patient experience: printed statements, the portal, and your Call Center. Our uniquely crafted scripts guide your staff through careful financial conversations that not only resonate with individual patients, but are consistent with the payment options and offers on their statements and portal in every payment scenario.

Security Matters

No matter whether a patient pays on a portal—or by making a phone call or sending a text message—PCI and security are always top of mind. We ensure our clients mitigate risk and maintain compliance when taking credit/debit card, ACH and digital wallet payments.

Lean on a Leader to Close the Loop on Payments

In addition to personalized patient financial engagement, we can accept, process and reconcile payments. RevSpring provides a full range of merchant services, which lets you save considerable expense—between 5-10% on processing rates alone. Get a free rate analysis to see how much you can save!


“RevSpring takes the guesswork out of reconciliation and makes me feel more confident.”

— Revenue Cycle Manager, Memorial Health System

Fast and Accurate Reconciliation

Your staff will thank you for removing the common headaches associated with complicated payment reconciliation. In fact, our customers have reported cutting reconciliation time in half with our automated Settlement-based Reconciliation tool! Speed only matters, though, if the end result is accurate. Our technology helps you reduce write-offs with reliable reconciliation results you can take to the bank.

Count on Reliable Results

Inspiring patients to pay precisely what they can, when they should, from anywhere lies at the heart of RevSpring’s comprehensive payment solutions. With PersonaPay, you can easily manage convenient payment options for patients while staying within your existing EHR environment. Relax with RevSpring as your payments partner—inspire patient self-service with multiple payment options, and be confident that no matter which option they choose, your risk is mitigated and compliance is assured. And let us help you close the loop on payments, save you up to 10% on processing rates and reduce write-offs with reliable automated Settlement-based Reconciliation (SBR). All that—and more—with RevSpring as your reliable payments partner!



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