May 20, 2024

Connected Patient Experiences Start with Vendors That Make Integration Easy

In a perfect world, every healthcare organization would have a comprehensive EHR system to address all patient and provider needs. Automating patient engagement functions—from registration to payment collection—liberates staff for more pressing tasks, including those more complicated questions that benefit from human engagement.

Automation of routine functions, meanwhile, increases efficiency and reduces human errors. Yet even premium EHR platforms can lack functionality in at least a few areas. That’s when finding the right vendor to fill the gaps can make all the difference.

When “plug and play” healthcare information solutions are designed with integration in mind, connectivity not only is possible it is powerful. In this scenario, your existing EHR system functions like a hub with integrated solutions plugging in from a variety of trusted vendors. Things really hum when all vendors share the goal of connectivity and help streamline integrations with interfaces, APIs and automated processes.

How do you know which vendors to trust when building your own integrated IT network?

Look for a company that can combine the value of an end-to-end, comprehensive patient engagement and payment solution with best-of-breed point solutions. Flexibility also is key because solutions must be offered in whatever way a provider needs to consume services. It’s also smart to look for proof points, such as existing validated integrations with leading EHR systems.

Not surprisingly, seamless integration begins with how vendors design and build their products. Ideally, you want to work with solution providers who are committed to open architecture as a core philosophy and development principle. That can mean embracing both standard and custom interfaces—and system integrations—to guarantee that new solutions fit and work well with whatever your organization already has in place.

Today’s Takeaway

Gaps happen. When they do, technology vendors serving healthcare are responsible for ensuring their solutions fit seamlessly with everything else in a given network. That’s the only way to guarantee an integrated patient experience and the most efficient workflow for staff.