May 30, 2019

RevSpring Introduces eVoke™ Engagement Platform

Company creates a smarter, broader, more dynamic platform for patient and consumer engagement


RevSpring, a leading provider of consumer engagement, billing, and payment solutions, announced today that it has integrated capabilities of Apex’s personalized financial communications and payment solutions with its own predictive analytics and automated workflow platform. By combining these market-leading, award-winning platforms, RevSpring creates a smarter, broader, more dynamic platform for patient and consumer engagement, called eVoke™.

eVoke is powered by Vu™, an expanded behavioral analytics platform that provides human, historical and fiscal context to communications at each point of interaction to improve clarity, consistency and effectiveness. eVoke engages patients and other consumers with communications that inspire them, in the channels that are most likely to elicit the desired response.

“At RevSpring, we never lose sight of the fact that there is a unique person at the end of every communication we deliver, which is why this new engagement platform is so significant,” said RevSpring CEO, Scott MacKenzie. “Using the power of analytics and automation, we make engagement more personal and appropriate for the consumers who interact with our solutions. That’s important to people, and it’s important to our customers because it results in better outcomes.”

The new eVoke platform offers the following features:

  • Based on personal insights, the analytics engine understands the most appropriate actions or responses (i.e. payments, plans or financing, electronic engagement, etc.)
  • eVoke applies personalized messages to each communication dynamically based on history, predictive modeling, and real-time decisioning to influence actions taken
  • Outbound reminders engage people more proactively in the channels where they are most likely to respond
  • Configuration for statements, letters and electronic communication supports rapid onboarding and change management
  • A/B testing allows for ongoing program optimization
  • The platform tracks actions taken, and dashboards provide visibility into performance improvements


“It’s remarkable to see how the RevSpring teams have worked together to bring this advanced solution to the market so quickly,” said MacKenzie. “Our employees are passionate about the results we deliver for our customers, and we believe the performance impact of this new platform will be exponentially greater for those key stakeholders.”

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About RevSpring

RevSpring leads the market in financial communications and payment solutions that inspire action – from the front office, to the back office, to the collections office. North America’s leading healthcare organizations, revenue cycle management and accounts receivables management companies trust RevSpring to maximize their financial results through dynamic and personalized print, online, phone, email and text communications and payment options. Using proprietary data analytics to tailor the engagement workflows to fit individual circumstances and preferences, RevSpring solutions improve the consumer financial experience and drive better outcomes.

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