We tailor the payment conversation to influence behavior and inspire action. Our advanced analytics and business intelligence help health systems become hyper-focused on the patient and their unique payment pathways.

Use your patients’ behavioral patterns, preferences, and predicted outcomes to promote up-front payment awareness, increased response to collection efforts, and a positive billing experience.

Leverage Business Intel to Power Decision Support

Our business intelligence shows you what to expect from daily, weekly, and monthly patient volumes to maximize collections while maintaining exceptional patient experience. Through advanced analytics and business intelligence tools, we give your staff at-a-glance dashboards to track patient outreach, propensity-to-pay data, and real-time revenue cycle intel.

Our custom dashboard allows you to see what’s working, track your key metrics, and optimize your engagement workflows.

reduce time-to-collect in healthcare

Predictive Scoring

  • Flexibility to leverage tested, accurate propensity-to-pay modeling
  • Demographic modeling does not hit a patient’s credit report and is invisible to the patient
  • Financial assistance modeling predicts who is likely to need additional financial counseling early in the revenue cycle and can screen for Medicaid eligibility and route patients into internal workflows accordingly
  • Scoring can also drive pre-filled financial assistance applications, available to be signed electronically or mailed directly to pre-qualified consumers


  • Identify trends and track KPIs
  • Utilize business intelligence, denial analytics, and a custom visual analytics dashboard
  • Data integrations with any EHR platform
propensity-to-pay analytics dashboard for healthcare


  • Run sophisticated A/B split tests to understand patient behaviors and select the most effective option
  • Correlate data to actions performed
  • Conduct custom focus and control groups
  • Identify areas to improve patient outreach, design, and calls to action to influence behavior

Consulting Reviews

Testing is one of the main strategic components of any analytics or data-driven communications program. Our patent-pending workflow solution allows iterative testing at any point in the revenue cycle.

Examples of core testing capabilities include:

  • Revenue cycle management assessments
  • Implementation services
  • Remittance analysis
  • Revenue cycle performance recommendations for patient self-pay (both balance after insurance and uninsured populations)

End-To-End Workflow

Our intelligence solutions are hyper-focused on patients and insurance claims. We can help you define and implement a workflow around any data point in a patient file, from pre-service to follow-up.

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Gather & Verify Data
Revenue Assurance
Warm to Financial Obligation
Provide Cost Transparency
Facilitate Payment

workflow icon


Validate Data
Segment Risk
Identify Financial Obligation
Warm to Financial Obligation
Facilitate Payment

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Segment Risk
Resolve Financial Obligation
Personalized Messaging
Automated Billing
Automated Reminders
Facilitate Payment

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Adherence Follow Up
Satisfaction Measure
Follow Up

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