Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent care clinics handle about 89 million patient visits each year, which includes more than 29% of all primary care visits in the U.S. and nearly 15% of all outpatient physician visits.

RevSpring’s premier end-to-end patient financial communications and payment technology offers the most precise and patient-centric solution for independent Urgent Care facilities. As experts in creating the right communication at the right time using the right channels, RevSpring facilitates results that help Urgent Care providers build patient loyalty, increase payments, and shorten time to payment.

Virtual waiting room for fast and contactless check-in

Streamline patient check-in to create efficiency and reduce waiting room times

Securely take payments over the phone

Increase collection rates, on average, by 29%

Enhance Urgent Care Communications and Payment Strategies

Build long-lasting patient relationships within your Urgent Care practice using financial communication and payment tools designed solely for healthcare.

  • Communicate more effectively with your patient base to promote repeat visits and improve patient satisfaction
  • Move to a more recurring patient model with sound communication and billing strategies
  • Capture digital consent to enable easy and legal patient communication using the most appropriate digital channels
  • Minimize outstanding patient balances with a set of tools that helps more than:
    • 1,000 individual hospital clients
    • 150 hospital systems
    • 2,000 ambulatory and specialty practice customers