October 5, 2020

Digital Doorways Offer Flexible, Convenient Ways for Patients to Engage

The beauty of a Digital Doorway ecosystem is that it’s totally patient-centric. Instead of expecting consumers to enter your organization as new patients just beginning their healthcare journey, Digital Doorways can be opened anywhere and at any place that makes sense for each individual patient today. Here are some real-world examples of Digital Doorways that your organization can make available to patients (and prospective patients) now:

  • Consumer Price Shopping Tool: Providing electronic price shopping tools for consumers helps attract new patients and provides them with vital educational information about particular services and procedures. For patients, the benefit is obvious: access to more precise healthcare estimates and better information for making healthcare choices.
  • Pre-Service Price Estimation: When providers can give pre-service price estimates they can couple them with pre-service payments. The result: a consistent financial experience for providers. Patients benefit from transparent payment options that eliminate expensive financial surprises and allows them to handle their healthcare financial obligations from day one.
  • Automated Appointment and Payment Reminders: Research shows that a majority of patients prefer reminders and often pay faster when payment reminders are delivered via text. With automated appointment reminders providers reduce no show rates and can even collect co-pays in advance. Another bonus: staff time formerly spent calling patients about upcoming appointments and past due statements are freed to focus on other tasks.
  • Virtual Check-In: Contactless interactions streamlines the check-in process while keeping staff and patients safer. Your patients will appreciate your efforts to protect them from potential exposure in waiting rooms.
  • Consent Management: Truly a win-win, digital consent means patients receive communications in the way they specifically prefer (text, email, mobile or print) while providers save money on communications, and experience increased response time from patients.
  • Digital Payment Options: Patients pay faster when they receive incentives to do so. Patients in financial distress are more likely to continue to take responsibility for their healthcare financial obligations when offered payment plans. Both are possible with providers providing digital payment options, which results in faster payments and reconciliation, less bad debt and increased patient loyalty.

Check out our new white paper to learn more about the power of Digital Doorways to transform your patients’ experience while improving revenue management.