Dental Offices

Like a perfectly crafted crown, we fit your practice with precision. Whether you are a sole proprietor or responsible for a large Dental Service Organization (DSO), RevSpring can help you increase cash flow, reduce communication costs and provide the financial visibility needed to drive positive change. RevSpring keeps your patients and practices in mind when developing a true patient-centric experience through precise communication strategies and best payment outcomes

Communicate effectively through the most appropriate paper and/or electronic channels.

Deliver tailored payment options structured to patients’ financial needs.

Gather insight through patient surveys and analytics to optimize your practice.

Improve payment visibility and reporting across one or hundreds of locations.

64 percent of patients said they’ve never received an automated call or text to remind them about their outstanding bill from their provider. We can fix that.

Make patient engagement an important contributor to patient loyalty.

A personalized financial engagement is essential to dental practices, especially when you rely on patient loyalty and retain patients. Nearly 60 percent of patients said they would leave a provider over a bad billing experience. RevSpring delivers tailored patient touchpoints from pre-service to post-service to help keep your practices positively engaged with their patients. Our approach uses patient behavior and data to predict what communication channels and payment plans/structures work best for each patient. The result is a true consumer-centric experience that sends the right communication in the right channel at the perfect moment.