RevSpring Arrived™

Parking Lot Waiting Room Application

RevSpring Arrived™ gives you check-in-anywhere convenience for providers and their patients, along with safer in-person interactions for everyone. As healthcare organizations open their doors but not their waiting rooms, digital innovation enables safe, contactless check in and payments from the parking lot – and beyond.

Arrived™ solves shorter-term concerns associated with COVID-19 check-in protocols and processes by facilitating remote check-in from the parking lot – but down the road, the same processes can be used from the comfort of the patient’s home or to maintain contactless solutions in your physical waiting room.

Check-in-anywhere convenience for providers and their patients, along with safer in-person interactions for everyone

A digital solution that flexes with your practice as needs and policies evolve

Quick and flexible implementation to reduce physical contact between patients and staff during the current pandemic

Streamlined check-in process with standard form questions and co-payment prompts

A balanced combination of hands-off automation and human-touch personalization

 Integrates with RevSpring’s appointment reminders and payment solutions

RevSpring Arrived™ is a pre-appointment, virtual waiting room application that provides a contactless approach to patient intake and payment collection.

Contactless Check-In Patient Communication
Leveraging RevSpring robust tools for pre-service and patients access combined with expertise in patient billing, Arrived™ connects patients and front office staff digitally, with easy-to-use check-in communications and co-payment processing to safely and efficiently welcome and prepare patients for their appointments.

Front Office Dashboard
Staff can digitally manage the queue of patients from a specially designed dashboard, even if they cannot physically see them in the waiting room. With various action buttons available and an easy-to-navigate user interface, intake processes are consistent, streamlined and safe.

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