April 1, 2020

Take advantage of your Epic investment and enhance the patient payment experience

Providing patients with payment options that best fit their abilities to pay is increasingly important for healthcare providers. Fluctuations in health and job stability makes a family’s ability to pay for healthcare services unpredictable. That has us thinking about our clients who use Epic, and how we continue to ensure that they can balance their Epic investments without sacrificing the necessary intelligence for tailoring payment options to the needs of each patient.

We’ve given more thought to making sure that revenue cycle leaders can invest in new technologies by saving money and creating efficiencies in other areas. Digital engagement is a great way to do that. By helping providers reduce the cost of engagement with patients through more cost-effective digital channels, it becomes easier for them to make investments in capabilities that drive payments.

Many CIOs are making important investments in their EHR platforms. For solutions like Epic and others, health systems and physician practices have capabilities within the platform to engage patients and accept payments. It’s a popular strategy for both cost and convenience. As a patient engagement and payment company, RevSpring understands and respects those investments. We’ve made it a priority to offer the flexibility to provide payment solutions that work seamlessly within the Epic environment.

For those providers using Epic, there are opportunities to further enhance the strong payment options already found in Epic MyChart and Hyperspace.  Epic’s App Orchard is the place where Epic community members can explore and find APIs and apps that provide additional capabilities and tools. Our contributions include flexible payment solutions that enrich an Epic experience with:

  • Integrated payment pages that greatly reduce a provider’s PCI scope
  • Enhanced payment portals that offer demonstrated self-service payment capabilities for patients and internal customer service personnel within Epic workflows and core interfaces
  • IVR solutions that provide the additional payment options patients desire

These capabilities are built to integrate with Epic, so those who already offer payment capabilities in the Epic platform can take advantage of them without having to invest in the full RevSpring platform. That minimizes the integration effort for IT teams, as well.

RevSpring has helped more than 160 Epic clients drive positive payment results and higher patient satisfaction within their Epic environment. Their improved financial results are the combined result of data, empathy, and RevSpring’s payment expertise.

More recently, we’ve introduced new capabilities that complement your Epic investment

– and there’s more to come!