August 11, 2021

RevSpring Unveils Work Queues in PersonaPay, an Industry First That Manages Task Assignments to Ensure Top Priorities Are Handled Easily and Quickly

Improved collections, reduced waste and increased staff accountability among the benefits of automated workflows

NASHVILLE, TN. (August 11, 2021) — RevSpring, the leading provider of healthcare financial engagement and payment solutions, today announced the addition of automated work queues within its PersonaPayTM payment portal. PersonaPay’s Work Queues proactively present and track CSR tasks that mainstream patient outreach to keep pertinent patient payment data and activities current. Work Queues are integrated within the provider-facing workflows in PersonaPay, which minimizes clicks and streamlines the process for provider staff to take action on priority outreach for patient accounts all-in-one application.

“Automated work queues in PersonaPay represents a major game changer for improved revenue cycle payment results, along with CSR and staff productivity,” said Casey Williams, RevSpring’s senior vice president, patient engagement and payment applications. “Providers need systems that help discipline the patient engagement process in terms of payments, with work queues that go in-depth regarding the patient and their situation. Since PersonaPay already has the data providers need to identify which patients to proactively engage, they can easily prioritize who to reach out to with the right actions to take to increase overall payments.”

Using automated workflows without leaving PersonaPay, CSRs easily uncover items that lead to more collection opportunities that would otherwise be missed and turned into unnecessary bad debt. Work Queues are easily configured within a PersonaPay implementation and include a number of fast and flexible templates that proactively initiate patient communications via text, email, or phone. Applications include updating patient payment information, address updates in response to returned mail, discussing payment options to prevent bad debt, and more. RevSpring will also customize work queues for providers based on their unique business needs and outreach tasks that would be more efficient and effective to automate.

“RevSpring always has excelled at delivering the best patient experience based on intelligence. Now we’re leveraging this same information to facilitate employee actions that bring in more collections, lower bad debt rates, and save providers time,” said Scott MacKenzie, RevSpring CEO. “Work Queues will improve CSR productivity and increase call center accountability by giving CSRs and their managers tools that make their work easier and more productive than ever before.”

Work Queues can be used by any healthcare employee with access to PersonaPay, including call center representatives, revenue cycle management employees, and front office staff. The assigned workflows are managed with dashboard screens that clearly show assigned items, timeframes for open items, recently closed items, and the number of unassigned workflows by work queue category. Managers can assign work queues or employees can select their own, with the ability to escalate to a manager as needed.

PersonaPay Work Queues is one of a series of new products RevSpring is announcing during the HIMSS2021 Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas, NV, August 9-12. RevSpring will demo Work Queues as part of an integrated patient experience journey that transforms patient engagement into a more unified, individualized patient experience. Visit RevSpring at booth #6632 or our virtual site here.

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