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Uncover more opportunities to collect payment

Missed payment opportunities lead to uncollected revenue. How do CSRs proactively uncover these items to improve outcomes?


With PersonaPay™ Work Queues.


Using automated workflows, CSRs can uncover items that lead to more collection opportunities that would otherwise be missed and turned into unnecessary bad debt. Work Queues are easily configured within a PersonaPay implementation and include a number of fast and flexible templates that proactively initiate patient communications via text, email, or phone. Examples include:

  • Expiring cards
  • Contact us form
  • Insurance updates
  • Address updates
  • Declined plan payments
  • Returned Mail
  • Daily checkout – CSRs only see their payments for the day
  • Payments in initiated state
  • Proactive outreach for
    • About to go to collections flow
    • Score/Balance reaching out with payment options
    • Balances/propensity/charity segments
  • Unmatched payments (unsettled payments)
  • Batch settlement recon
  • User Lockouts

Work Queues can be used by any healthcare employee with access to PersonaPay, including call center representatives, revenue cycle management employees, and front office staff.


To discover more ways Work Queues can help your organization, download our free guide.



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