March 9, 2021

RevSpring Reimagines Agent-Assisted Payments to Address Growing Need for PCI-Compliant, Contactless Payment at Point-Of-Service

Deviceless Payments™ offers contactless, PCI-secure, and card reader-free payment capture to reduce public health exposure


Livonia, Mich. (March 9, 2021)—RevSpring, the leading provider of healthcare engagement and payment solutions, today announced the extension of its Assisted Payments capability—now called Deviceless Payments™—to include Point-Of-Service payments, in addition to previously enabled Contact Center payments. Public health threats from COVID-19 and other factors have fueled growing popularity of contactless payments, inspiring RevSpring to fully integrate Deviceless Payments to support staff-assisted payments within both its PersonaPay™ and MyEasyView™ portals.

Point-of-Service personnel using MyEasyView or PersonaPay portals now can take payments without a card terminal. Staff members also have the option of connecting a patient to the RevSpring IVR Advantage™ system, which permits a patient to securely enter their credit/debit card or ACH information when speaking with an agent on the phone. This enables the patient to make a secure self-service payment that can be used at all staff-assisted payment touchpoints: pre-service, point-of-service, or via a call center with the device in their hand, such as a smart phone.

Deviceless Payments eliminates PCI scope and fraud risk because neither employees nor the network is exposed to credit/debit card or ACH information. Eliminating the need for payment devices not only ensures less physical exposure at the Point-Of-Service payment during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also saves providers substantial costs related to cleaning, maintaining, and replacing payment terminals over the long term.

“RevSpring is proud to offer innovative payment solutions that increase safety for patients and staff, now and in the future. Enabling providers and patients to bypass payment terminals at both the point of service and call centers ensures that every payment is processed safely and securely,” said Casey Williams, RevSpring senior vice president, patient engagement and payments.

“And the value of cutting the cord on payment devices means RevSpring clients can increase the scale of who can securely take payments since staff members are untethered from a payment device to complete a transaction. We’re also confident that patients will appreciate the ease, simplicity and safety of paying with their phone or other smart devices,” he added.


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