PersonaPay™ for Patient Financial Services

RevSpring gives you two advantages for interacting with patients. One, superior engagement and self-service payment tools reduce calls to your call center. And two, if patients do call, PersonaPay empowers your team. Support representatives can easily search for and view exact copies of patient statements to better answer billing-related questions. Tailored scripting also provides continuity, so you can present the same tailored options to patients that they receive everywhere they interact.

Automate routine calls and accept payments 24/7, when your call center isn’t staffed

Integrate live chat support in portal-based self-service

Email statement copies securely on request

Provide scripting guidance for your staff, so conversations are tailored and consistent

PCI-certified and HIPAA compliant

Make patient financial services a seamless step in the patient financial journey.

Balance personal service and automation for the right experience at the right time

PersonaPay also allows the customer services teams of healthcare providers to easily access the exact payment options offered to patient through statement communications, digital communications and the self-service portal. It also provides current account detail and payment activities across all channels between billing cycles. This eliminates any guesswork for the rep in determining the right payment options to offer when working with their patients. Dynamic scripting at their fingertips gives your personnel the insight they need to guide financial conversations for each patient.

During this time of uncertainty, nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers, patients, consumers, and employees.
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