May 18, 2021

RevSpring Introduces SafeMode™ to Maintain PCI DSS Compliance and Minimize Risk for Call Centers

New feature also provides security for CSRs taking payments when working remotely from home

Livonia, Mich. (May 18, 2021)—RevSpring, the leading provider of healthcare financial engagement and payment solutions, today announced the addition of SafeMode™ to its Deviceless Payments™ offering for healthcare providers. SafeMode makes it possible to process phone payments in a PCI compliant manner by making it more seamless for the patient while completely removing PCI details from an organization’s phone and server systems—saving audit costs and minimizing risk to organizations.

The process is seamless and completed in seconds, removing PCI risk without sacrificing time or convenience for callers. SafeMode also enables CSRs to take PCI DSS compliant payments securely over the phone while working remotely from home.

SafeMode works by keeping all payment information—including Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) sounds of patients entering card numbers over a phone—off the company servers without adding complexity to the patient’s experience or the agent’s process. When an agent is ready to collect payment, they simply enable “SafeMode” within the agent payment portal and DTMFs are masked while patients enter their information.

Since RevSpring protects the audio and data during the payment period, no payment information ever crosses the healthcare organizations’ servers. While designed to work with both PersonaPay™ and MyEasyView™ portals, RevSpring can also integrate SafeMode with providers’ existing administrative portals to offer the same security, PCI compliance, and convenience.

“Taking payments in a PCI compliant manner is a business necessity, no matter whether customer service representatives are working in a service center or from home,” said Steve Callis, president of payments, RevSpring. “RevSpring is committed to making that process as safe and seamless as possible. We are very excited about SafeMode because it protects payment information throughout the entire call process and gives providers—and their patients—the assurance that everything is PCI compliant.”

About RevSpring
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