July 14, 2023

RevSpring Highlighted for “Largest Growth in Capabilities” in 2023 KLAS Patient Engagement Ecosystem Report

RevSpring recognized for significant expansion in its leading patient engagement platform solutions since 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 14, 2023) — RevSpring, the leading provider of healthcare engagement and payment solutions, was named today as a vendor with the Most New Capabilities in the 2023 KLAS Patient Engagement Ecosystem Report. The Report shows which vendors achieved the most new product development progress during the past two years and how the overall healthcare communications and financial payments industry has matured during the same time period. With dozens of significant product announcements since 2021, RevSpring’s growth in patient engagement has notably accelerated to meet customer and market needs.

“As a company, we are laser-focused on delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers and the patients they serve,” said Scott MacKenzie, CEO of RevSpring. “We are proud to be recognized by KLAS Research for the strides we have made in building upon our patient engagement platform. Our expanded capabilities connect and improve a patient’s experience everywhere they engage with our customers, from preservice through post-service and payments.”

Increasingly, healthcare organizations seek consolidated vendor options as they adopt or replace technology. Using a single vendor allows organizations to improve efficiency and interoperability and reduce complexity. RevSpring’s Engage IQ™ platform is a wholistic engagement platform that responds to the needs of provider organizations. Engage IQ empowers providers to create a consistent patient experience and coordinate connected patient interactions from pre-service to post-service to payment.

The Report, along with additional deep-dive content, is available on the KLAS website. Readers will find an update to KLAS’ 2021 report, designed to give healthcare organizations, including payer and provider organizations, a current state of what capabilities vendors offer to meet their core patient engagement needs.

About RevSpring
RevSpring leads the market in engagement and payment solutions that inspire patients to participate in and pay for their healthcare. The company has built the industry’s most comprehensive and impactful patient engagement suite, spanning the clinical, administrative and financial experience. RevSpring’s OmniChannel communications and payment solutions are backed by behavior analysis, propensity-to-pay scoring, contextual messaging, and user experience best practices. Using proprietary data analytics to tailor the engagement from preservice to post-service to payment, RevSpring improves the patient experience and outcomes for providers, members and patients. To learn more, visit revspringinc.com/healthcare. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About KLAS
KLAS is a research and insights firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by amplifying the provider’s voice. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data and insights on software, services and medical equipment to deliver timely reports, trends and statistical overviews. The research directly represents the provider voice and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. Follow KLAS on Twitter. Learn more at: klasresearch.com.

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