February 18, 2021

Epic Monthly Message: January 2021


Your Epic investment is, well, epic! RevSpring honors the value of your Epic relationship and remains committed to enhancing your patients’ experiences and payment performance.

We’re helping more than 160 Epic clients derive more value from their patient financial engagement and payment solutions with precisely integrated end-to-end solutions.

RevSpring’s solutions make it easier for your patients to fulfill their financial obligations thanks to our analytics-based user interface—seamlessly integrated within the MyChart and Hyperspace environments—including:

  1. Talksoft® Appointment Reminders
  2. IVR Advantage™
  3. PersonaPay™ for Patient Self-Service
  4. PersonaPay™ for Staff-Assisted Payments
  5. mySecureBill©
  6. Credit Card EMV Device Integration
  7. Patient Payment Page

Visit and bookmark our new exclusive digital information hub to learn about these financial engagement and payment solutions for Epic customers. And look for periodic product emails and news updates to make sure you are deriving every ounce of value possible from your Epic investment.

As always, we remain committed to helping you drive better financial results using data, empathy, and expertise!