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Get the most out of your Epic payment environment

There are a number of ways you can further enhance your patients’ and staff’s payment experience in Epic without creating the integration friction. Check out our monthly hot topic to learn more.

Three Frictionless Ways to Enhance Your Payment Environment

You Epic investment is significant enough to make sure you get the most out of every feature. Payments is no exception.

RevSpring is hosting an educational webinar where we explore three areas where you can further enhance your patients and staff payment experience in Epic without creating the integration friction:

  1. Personalize every patient’s payment experience by instilling a “know me” approach. The more you can proactively know about each individual patient on their ability to pay, the more apt a patient is to act. How do you know the right payment option to offer? We’ll show you.
  2. Create a seamless self-payment environment all within MyChart. You need a flexible gateway solution that gives your patients a seamless digital payment experience within MyChart. Leveraging the Epic External Payment Page means patients never leave Epic to make a payment. We’ll show you the features and benefits of using the External Payment Page.
  3. Leverage an innovative deviceless payments strategy without ever leaving Hyperspace. Enable CSR and Point-of-Service personnel to take patients’ credit card and ACH payments. Integrated seamlessly within Epic’s Open Credit Card Framework, Deviceless Payments can initiate payments via phone, text, or email, mitigating PCI compliance risk by bypassing direct interaction with the patient when processing card or banking information.

RevSpring payment expert Casey Williams recently hosted a webinar on this topic.



Helping you do more with less

RevSpring is committed to match—and seamlessly integrate—our solutions with the strategic investments you’ve made in the Epic platform. That means blurring the lines between Epic and our systems, elegantly filling the gaps that may exist in your platform, and helping you deliver a positive patient financial experience.

Today, more than 160 Epic clients derive extended value from their patient financial engagement and payment solutions with precisely integrated end-to-end solutions from RevSpring.