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A commitment to open architecture

We understand the challenges healthcare providers face with critical workflows involving payment collections or patient registration. Check out our monthly hot topic to learn more.

Interoperability: Making Things Work Together

Healthcare organizations frequently ask RevSpring if our products will work with solutions they already use. Others want to know if our products can be tailored to fit with existing workflows. The answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes!”

RevSpring understands how critical existing technologies are to your operations, and that time, process changes and the availability of IT resources to support integrations are a challenge. We design, build, and integrate our healthcare solutions to accommodate unique provider workflows throughout entire healthcare organizations.

Learn more about RevSpring’s philosophy and approach to creating solutions that fit existing Epic workflows—without increasing the burden on your busy IT operations—by reading our guide Interoperability by Design.



Helping you do more with less

RevSpring is committed to match—and seamlessly integrate—our solutions with the strategic investments you’ve made in the Epic platform. That means blurring the lines between Epic and our systems, elegantly filling the gaps that may exist in your platform, and helping you deliver a positive patient financial experience.

Today, more than 160 Epic clients derive extended value from their patient financial engagement and payment solutions with precisely integrated end-to-end solutions from RevSpring.