November 30, 2018

Get to Know: Scott Joiner, RevSpring’s Director of R&D

We are excited to introduce you to Scott Joiner as our latest Employee Spotlight. Scott is a tech entrepreneur, mountain biking enthusiast, expert developer, and the father of two daughters. Scott is a leading force in the development of new products at RevSpring and serves as RevSpring’s Director of Research and Development.

Scott began his career in the United States Navy, working on his degree during his time in the military and then jumping into his first programming job soon after as a subject matter expert with a government contractor. “From there, I did the standard tech guy trade up every nine months or so until I decided to start my own company,” he said. That’s when Back Porch Software was formed with co-founder Jesse Houston (now RevSpring’s VP of Application Development).

One of their clients was Revenue Advantage, and after a successful business relationship based on IVR technology built by Back Porch Software, they decided to join forces by merging the two companies. Soon after, the company’s technology and dedicated employees caught the eye of RevSpring.

“Since joining the RevSpring family, it has been like drinking from a firehose as we assimilate and merge different teams, cultures, and products,” Scott said. “We’ve had growing pains, but it has been a good experience. There are a lot of really talented people here, and some positive cultures that we are bringing together.”

With Scott’s product development expertise, he lead a recent project to create technology used to interface with a major Pharmaceutical company and could handle their PCI and credit-card telephony and remove certification burdens on the vendor. “Patients now have the ability to call in to log into their account, check prescription information, and now the second they want to make a payment, they transfer to our technology behind the scenes. We submit the transaction directly to the payment gateway, so there is never any credit card data on their side,” he said.

Scott explained that this IVR technology is boxed up for other vendors and partners to incorporate into their existing technology, allowing RevSpring to focus on creating innovative technology and managing the regulations of payments while clients focus on their core competency.

In another important RevSpring project, Scott was asked participate in the RevSpring culture team, which channeled his startup experience. Members of the group observed that what made Scott’s voice different than most in the room was that he pursues integrity inside and outside the office. “He was one of the folks that pushed us to serve our communities and make the world a better place”, said April Wilson, RevSpring VP of Marketing and Analytics.

“I’m sympathetic to other people’s issues and as a parent, I’m trying to teach my daughters compassion, responsibility, and the good of helping others,” Scott said. “As a family, we try to volunteer at the homeless shelter, clean up our local parks, and donate to causes we believe in.”

Scott travels to his team sites around the country monthly, but also has the chance to enjoy San Diego’s perfect climate as his home base. Scott confesses he is also a bit of a thrill seeker. “Mountain biking is definitely a priority in my life. Even if I can only get a short ride in, it gives me a sense of focus and life balance.”

Scott gives back to the cycling community by helping care for his local single track. They have trail maintenance days to fix rutted out trails, clear drain lines, remove obstacles when appropriate, and cut back brush that blocks sight lines and can make turns dangerous. “It’s a bit like gardening. We are

shaping the dirt to make the trail run nicely and removing things that can hurt people.”

In essence, the trail clearing serves as a metaphor for how Scott operates in and out of his role at RevSpring, sighting visibility as a top priority. “I’m not afraid todo or say the hard thing if it’s the right way forward,” he said. “Transparency and integrity are concepts that I hold onto strongly. I try to do what I say and operate with openness.”

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