May 31, 2019

Get to Know RevSpring’s Product Manager, Jordan Kordosky

As part of our series to get to know RevSpring employees, we are pleased to introduce you to Jordan Kordosky, a RevSpring product manager. Jordan joined RevSpring through the recent acquisition of Apex Revenue Technologies and is responsible for helping combine Apex and RevSpring products into an even more cohesive, robust offering.

Jordan began his career at a startup company that focused on online gaming and held roles in marketing, product management, and leadership. “Prior to the merger with RevSpring, I had responsibility across all our Apex’s products and worked on the product marketing side as well. Since the combination of our company and teams, I have been able to focus strictly on product management. With a team of product managers, I’m able to spend my time concentrating on a few of our products, such as our intelligence platform IWS/Connect, IVR, and our voice of the patient product.”

A native of Minnesota, Jordan works out of RevSpring’s St. Paul office and spends most of his work week understanding RevSpring’s intelligence platform, which is a robust solution that interacts with most of RevSpring’s technology products. One of his objectives is finding a way to solve the needs of RevSpring’s clients and the marketplace – and not just their needs today but knowing their needs tomorrow and using that to build a comprehensive roadmap that can address these future needs. “Our intelligence solution helps our clients completely understand their patients’ experience from appointment reminders and payments and all touchpoints in between,” he said. “Having one consistent experience for a patient across products, which is specific to that patient and best serves the preference of that patient, results in a positive outcome for our clients.”

Another important project that Jordan has been involved in is RevSpring’s Epic App Orchard payment app launch. “Our Epic integration is key to our ability to help our clients who are using Epic, and it is very satisfying to see those apps listed in the App orchard,” he said. “I like to understand and experience new things – I enjoy learning. When I travel, I love researching the best restaurants and new activities to do. When I buy things or take on a new hobby I dive in and learn everything about it. There is so much information out there, and it can be overwhelming. But, once you start to learn and actually understand, it gets easier to sift through the fluff and find the valuable information. I take a similar approach to my role at RevSpring and our products.”

In his personal life, an ideal weekend for Jordan is cooking a nice dinner with his wife, Cassie, and spending Friday the evening playing with their daughter, Kinley. Saturday might include a workout, a round of golf, or a nice dinner out. The Kordosky’s are also expecting their second baby within the next month.

Jordan is also a bit of a Survivor super fan, having watched every episode of all 38 seasons. “I have my audition taped planned out and would love to be on the show someday,” he said. “I’m fairly competitive, though hopefully, I’ve gotten less as I’ve gotten older. I enjoy a good discussion and don’t mind a friendly argument from time to time. I don’t know if that would help or hurt me if I ever ended up on an island with strangers.”

Jordan finds work/life balance by staying engaged with what he’s doing. “If I’m working on a project or in a meeting or responding to an email, that is what I’m doing. If I’m biking or golfing, that is what I’m doing. I try not to get distracted when I’m working and try not to get distracted with work when I’m not working. It’s obviously not always that clean, but that is the desired goal.”

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