Proven solutions for revenue cycle success

When it comes to revenue efficiency, we supply the right mixture of project management, leadership, planning and hands-on implementation. With complete reviews of your scheduling, registration, HIM and Patient Financial Services workflow procedures, our consultants help streamline your RCM processes and maximize your revenue opportunities. With unmatched experience with MEDITECH, Epic, Cerner and GE Centricity, we’re there to deliver flexible systems and professional services that scale to meet your needs.

Effectively locate and recover lost revenue

Most hospitals and organizations can see up to 12 percent of their gross revenue denied by their payers. RevSpring offers a sustainable solution that focuses on eliminating denial scenarios and creating a steady claim resubmittal process that will increase initial clean-claim rates, enhance staff productivity, reduce AR days and increase cash collections.

  • Analyze multi-facility denials in one location, online.
  • Evaluate line-level denial detail.
  • Determine root cause of denials.
  • Identify problems and develop system edits to “stop the bleeding.”
  • Provide comprehensive reports and analysis.


“Just like the ignored check-engine light, warnings in your denial processes are signs of larger and more expensive revenue cycle problems that may strike again in the future.”
—Tim Bavosi, VP of Consulting, RevSpring