July 2, 2019

Workbook for Healthcare Decision Makers Provides RCM Strategics to Improve Patient Financial Outcomes

RevSpring publishes a hands-on workbook with revenue cycles strategies that make patient financial interactions a more positive experience.

LIVONIA, Mich. (July 2, 2019)— Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a practice that is responsible for managing collected revenues and billing processes across a healthcare organization. The need to optimize these processes, reduce costs, and improve the patient financial experience has become a growing priority for healthcare providers. To fulfill the demand for educational content on the patient financial experience, RevSpring has published Humanizing Revenue Cycle Management as a supplement to last year’s publication of Reinventing Revenue Cycle Management: Delivering Next-Level Patient Experiences.

Humanizing Revenue Cycle Management is a workbook filled with articles, exercises, valuable tips, and tactics to help healthcare decision makers and those working in the RCM space plan, implement, and evaluate their current patient engagement strategies. “Patient engagement is a strategy for designing quality healthcare services that are responsive to a patient’s needs and that empower them to play an active role in managing their health,” said April Wilson, author of the workbook and vice president of analytics at RevSpring. “RCM can no longer exist outside of the patient engagement equation and is a vital component of creating a successful patient experience.”

“We created this workbook with the hopes that RCM decision makers could understand how adopting a consumer-centric, more personalized approach to their billing process is a win-win for both the patient and the organization,” said co-author Somlynn Rorie. “This workbook addresses and provides solutions for some of the most pressing issues expressed by patients—not knowing what a healthcare visit is going to cost, not understanding their bill or financial obligations, and not being able to pay.”

“Patients genuinely want to pay their bills and maintain a good financial relationship with your organization,” Wilson added. “They just need a little help when it comes to understanding the costs and the payment options available to them.”

Humanizing Revenue Cycle Management is now available for purchase at Amazon.com.

About RevSpring

RevSpring helps hospitals and healthcare organizations maximize their financial results through dynamic and personalized communication channels and payment options. Additionally, the company has been ranked two years in a row as the number one vendor of Patient Revenue Analytics by Black Book Markets for its proprietary data analytics software that tailors patient engagement workflows to fit a patient’s circumstance and preferences. To learn more about RevSpring, visit www.revspringinc.com. For information about RevSpring’s focus in healthcare, visit www.revspringinc.com/healthcare/.