March 23, 2020

We are here to help

This post is dedicated to our amazing friends and colleagues in hospitals and practices across the country as you work tirelessly to protect our health – in uncertain times and unprecedented numbers.

This is an unbelievable time for the entire planet, but we simply cannot fathom the burden the COVID-19 pandemic places on healthcare professionals – from the front lines to the back office.

As we’ve spoken with customers and partners over the past weeks, it’s clear that communication priorities have shifted. In addition to caring for the sick, this situation has placed a heavy burden on business staff who are inundated with questions from people in the community who are uncertain – about their health, existing appointments, and how and when they should seek care. Through the power and flexibility of digital communications, we’re so happy to know our technology is there to ease some of that burden.

Here are some ways we can help:

  • Providers are using our digital messaging platform to communicate changes in appointment schedules.
  • Broadcast messages get the word out to help patients navigate new appointment policies, answer frequently asked questions, and guide requests for care.
  • Technology helps ease the pressure on overburdened call centers by automating routine payments, so staff can focus on questions from patients about symptoms and care.

The impact of this national crisis has put pressure on the healthcare system in unexpected ways, and we are in awe of what you are doing. Our words are insufficient to express our best wishes and gratitude.

As this crisis continues to unfold, we urge you to bring us your communication challenges. Lean on us so you can focus on your patients.