October 10, 2023

RevSpring Reveals Engage IQ™ Enhancements Focused on Patient Understanding and Trust at HLTH 2023

Focused on awareness, action and outcomes, RevSpring continues to innovate in the areas of experience continuity, message clarity, expectation setting and engagement optimization using AI

NASHVILLE and LAS VEGAS (October 10, 2023) – RevSpring, the leading provider of healthcare engagement and payment solutions, revealed today at HLTH 2023 four new innovations for Engage IQ™. These new digital engagement capabilities are designed to further simplify and streamline communications and activate patient engagement throughout their healthcare experience.

Engage IQ is an intelligent, holistic engagement platform designed to coordinate patient interactions from pre-care to post-care to payment. Engage IQ is seamlessly integrated to reduce effort, increase satisfaction, improve outcomes, and solidify patient loyalty.

New capabilities include:

Welcome Cards: Building trust with patients is critical for them to receive and act on important healthcare information. Engage IQ Welcome Cards™ deliver branded and engaging contact information via text messaging, so patients can easily store it on their mobile devices and trust subsequent messages from the provider.

“Welcome Cards are designed to reduce provider opt-out rates by building patient understanding and trust,” said RevSpring CEO Scott MacKenzie. “Subsequent messages delivered from the same number are now from a known contact, and clearly branded on receipt so every text message from the provider is more likely to be effective.”

Image View: RevSpring patient communications and statements use design theory and AI to ensure that critical information is read within the first 2 seconds of viewing, so patients are more likely to take the right action.

With Engage IQ Image View™, the same effective use of graphics is now available in email and text communications sent to patients. Image View embeds graphical images into texts and emails to convey important information to patients faster. Product images, provider branding, sponsored content, and even fully-composed letters and statements can be delivered within a text or email in a HIPPA compliant manner.

“90% of consumers say that images help them to better understand the content of a text message,” said Kristen Jacobsen, VP of omnichannel engagement and marketing at RevSpring. “We’re bringing the same proven communications strategies that agencies and leading brands use effectively in consumer communications, to healthcare.”

Message Board: RevSpring’s new digital Message Boards provide dynamic messaging for patients, both on their mobile device or in the facility. Engage IQ Message Boards™ inform patients of their place in line for services, integrated with RevSpring’s popular Arrived™ solution for patient check-in.

Insights and Optimizations: Initially announced at HIMSS, RevSpring’s Insights and Optimizations™ uses AI to discover engagement strategies that will improve patient response and outcomes. Using RevSpring’s OmniBrain™ patient journey analytics platform, Insights and Optimizations precisely identifies the key characteristics of top and bottom responders (i.e. patients who make a payment) through data patterning and AI, and will now recommend up to 10 areas of improvement for better engagement outcomes.

Engage IQ is built to ensure the best response and outcomes at each stage of the patient journey. It is also designed to make the overall experience remarkable, by building trust with patients through consistency and personalization.

“The enhancements to Engage IQ that we are announcing today are designed to minimize patient effort and inspire action for engagement applications such as form completion, payments, appointment setting, survey response and more,” added MacKenzie. “RevSpring strives to apply the most effective communications strategies to help providers and payers build stronger, more effortless, and ultimately more lasting relationships with their patients.”

RevSpring will be showcasing the Engage IQ™ patient experience at HLTH 2023, booth V-6518.

About RevSpring
RevSpring leads the market in engagement and payment solutions that inspire patients to participate in and pay for their healthcare. The company has built the industry’s most comprehensive and impactful patient engagement suite, spanning the clinical, administrative and financial experience. RevSpring’s OmniChannel communications and payment solutions are backed by behavior analysis, propensity-to-pay scoring, contextual messaging, and user experience best practices. Using proprietary data analytics to tailor the engagement from preservice to post-service to payment, RevSpring improves the patient experience and outcomes for providers, members and patients. To learn more, visit revspringinc.com/healthcare. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kristen Jacobsen