February 7, 2019

RevSpring Ranked #1 in Two 2019 Healthcare Industry Reports from Black Book Research

RevSpring’s Patient Engagement, Payment, and Analytics Solutions were voted number #1 by CEO, CFOs, and decision makers in 202 U.S. hospitals and 49 healthcare delivery networks.  


LIVONIA, Mich. (Feb. 7, 2019) – RevSpring announced today it was ranked as the Top Vendor in two 2019 healthcare reports published by Black Book Research. RevSpring, a provider of intelligent patient engagement and payment solutions, was voted #1 vendor in Patient Communications and Financial Satisfaction Solutions, and #1 vendor in Patient Revenue Analytics by hospital executives and decision makers that evaluated Revenue Cycle Management Software and Outsourcing Solutions.

Apex Revenue Technologies, which merged with RevSpring in 2018, was also recognized as the runner up in the Patient Communication and Financial Satisfaction Solutions report.

“Recently, RevSpring joined forces with Apex Revenue Technologies, and learning that they are ranked as the #2 vendor in the Patient Revenue Analytics Solution and Patient Communications report, validated that both companies share a core belief and commitment to providing innovative solutions that address a customer’s need to connect more effectively with their patients,” said Martin Callahan, RevSpring’s President of Healthcare Markets.

One of the largest user opinion polls of its kind in healthcare, Black Book collects over a half million viewpoints on information technology vendor performance annually. The two reports evaluated Revenue Cycle Management Software and Outsourcing Solutions and reported that RevSpring earned a “green light” score across the board (a mean score between 8.71 and 10 or an “overwhelming satisfaction, exceeds expectations, a highly recommended vendor” ranking) in the Patient Communications and Financial Satisfaction Solutions report. RevSpring ranked #1 in nine of the 12 criteria ratings. The top categories in which RevSpring ranked #1 vendor included:

– Client relationships and cultural fit

– Trust, transparency, accountability

– Integration and interfaces

– Scalability, client adaptability, flexible pricing

– Reliability

– Data security and backup services

– Support and customer care

– Best of breed technology and process improvement

RevSpring was also ranked the top Patient Revenue Analytics Solutions, Services, and Technology Vendor for its Intelligent WorkFlow Solution that allows revenue cycle teams to see what is working in their communication and payment strategy, track key metrics, and optimize engagement workflows. Additionally, it allows hospitals to tailor patient payment communication to influence behavior and inspire action using predictive modeling to understand patient payment outcomes.

“We are proud of the results included in these reports, which validates the hard work, vision, and dedication of the RevSpring team to create better outcomes for our customers and for patients,” said April Wilson, Vice President of Analytics and Marketing, RevSpring. “We are excited about setting the precedence of how data and analytics are making a difference in the healthcare marketplace,”

RevSpring’s data analytic solution was ranked #1 in the following categories:

– Strategic Alignment of Client Goals, ACO MACRA MIPS VBC

– Client relationships and cultural fit

– Breadth of offerings, client types, delivery excellence

– Deployment and implementation

– Reliability

– Brand image and marketing communications

– Data security and backup services

– Best of breed technology and process improvement


For more information or to request a copy of these Black Book Market reports, email RevSpring at learnmore@revspringinc.com .


About RevSpring
RevSpring is a leading provider of consumer communications, billing, and payments solutions that maximize revenue opportunities for healthcare providers, account receivables management companies, and credit grantors. Since 1981, RevSpring has built the industry’s most comprehensive and impactful suite of consumer engagement, communications, and payment pathways that is backed by consumer behavior analysis, propensity-to-pay scoring, intelligent design, and user experience best practices. To learn more, visit www.revspringinc.com.


About Black Book Research Reports
Black Book™ annually evaluates leading health care/medical software and outsourcing service providers across 18 operational excellence key performance indicators completely from the perspective of the client experience. Independent and unbiased from vendor influence, more than 598,000 healthcare IT users are invited to contribute to various annual customer satisfaction polls. For more information on reports published by Black Book, visit www.blackbookmarketresearch.com.