April 10, 2024

RevSpring Makes it Easy for All Texas Healthcare Providers to Comply with New Regulation Requiring Itemized Statements

Under SB 490, itemized bills must provide a “plain language description of each distinct healthcare service” within 30 days

NASHVILLE (April 10, 2024)—RevSpring, the leading provider of healthcare engagement and payment solutions, is making it fast, easy and efficient for healthcare providers in Texas to immediately and fully comply with a new state regulation (SB 490) requiring a plain language description of each distinct healthcare service and supply provided to patients. The new Texas healthcare regulation took effect late last year. RevSpring is working with a number of Texas-based healthcare providers to prepare the required documentation and make it quickly available to patients on its PersonaPay™ patient portal and through other print and digital means.

“At first glance the new regulation may feel like ‘back to the future’ since lengthy itemized statements were common in the past,” said Scott MacKenzie, RevSpring CEO. “Thanks to the ability to offer the information through a digital link, PDF, in a portal, EMR or print, however, providers can comply with ease. RevSpring is applying its financial communication expertise and understanding of the intricate requirements of SB 490 to help healthcare providers in Texas fully comply with this important new regulation.”

Under SB 490, the itemized bill must include a “plain language description of each distinct health care service or supply the health care provider provided to the patient” (Texas Health & Safety Code 185.002 (b) (1)). The itemized bill may be provided electronically, including through a patient portal on the provider’s website, not later than the 30th day after the provider receives a final payment on the provided service or supply from a third-party, such as an insurance provider. Additionally, the regulation states that a consumer “is entitled to obtain from the healthcare provider an itemized bill on request after the itemized bill is initially issued.”

Similarly with the HHS price transparency ruling requiring U.S. hospitals to provide patients with clear and accessible information about their standard payer-specific charges, the new Texas regulation increases transparency with patients and benefits providers that quickly embrace its full spirit.

“Providers that quickly and thoroughly comply with SB 490 are gaining a competitive advantage in Texas as patients notice and appreciate this increased transparency in their healthcare financial experience,” said MacKenzie.

The new Texas regulation also impacts the collection of patient financial responsibility payments. It states that a healthcare provider “may not pursue debt collection against a patient for a provided health care service or supply” unless the provider has provided the required itemized bill.

More about SB 490 can be found here.

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