December 20, 2022

RevSpring Launches Care Navigation Journeys to Orchestrate Actionable Post-Care Follow-up Communications for Patients

Care Navigation journeys, powered by OmniBrain™, activate patient response for recovery feedback and follow-up care to support better outcomes

Nashville, Tenn. (Dec. 20, 2022)—RevSpring, the leading provider of healthcare engagement and payment solutions, today announced Care Navigation journeys for carefully timed delivery of tailored post-care follow-up communications using the ideal channel(s) and engagement cadence for each patient. Using a precise combination of messages and channels based on an understanding of patients and the actions they take, Care Navigation journeys inspire patients to view, understand and act on their multi-step care plan to optimize patient experience and outcomes.

Care Navigation is the latest journey type available for RevSpring’s OmniBrain™, a powerful and advanced OmniChannel patient journey analytics platform that engages patients based on provider goals and patient behavior. Powered by OmniBrain, RevSpring’s Care Navigation solution helps healthcare organizations activate patient response to interact with wellness resources, provide feedback, schedule follow-up appointments, and more.

“OmniBrain Care Navigation makes it possible to reach patients in the ways they are most likely to engage, increasing the likelihood of action and response,” said Kristen Jacobsen, VP of OmniChannel Engagement at RevSpring. “As an added benefit, providers can coordinate care plan communication with other patient communications, such as appointment reminders, patient statements and surveys. This helps patients easily and efficiently navigate their entire healthcare journey—and creates a connected experience that builds patient trust and better outcomes.”

The need for consistent patient follow-up is clear. Nationally, approximately one-half of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries readmitted within 30 days of a hospital discharge do not receive outpatient follow-up before the readmission, according to a study by the Annals of Family Medicine. The study also found that low rates of outpatient follow-up have been similarly noted in other cohorts of patients re-hospitalized for chronic conditions.

OmniBrain Care Navigation technology simplifies the follow-up process by taking data from across all aspects of a patient’s journey to build a unique engagement strategy based on highly individualized insight. OmniBrain leverages insight about patients, such as demographic data and communication tendencies, to determine the most effective messages, touches and delivery channels. Delivery of such post-care information can access all OmniChannels: print, IVR, email and text, with an analytics-based “Channel Score” guiding delivery based on the best channel for each patient.

This translates into specialized messages based on procedure types—hip or knee replacement, chemo/radiation therapy, spine fusion and others. Coordinating multi-touch communications based on patient response helps the provider achieve a higher patient response, such as increased views and self-service rates. For example, OmniChannel campaigns used in billing and payment reminders see a two-times higher engagement rate and a 20% increase in self-service.

The OmniBrain Care Navigation solution complements RevSpring’s existing OmniChannel journeys, including billing and payment reminders, and pre-service engagement. This approach makes it easy for providers to deliver consistent messaging and branding across every stage in the patient journey.

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