September 7, 2021

RevSpring Announces Outbound IVR Integration with Epic Now Available in Epic App Orchard

New capabilities include automatic account updates for IVR customers that improve the quality of patient information and empower Customer Service Representatives

NASHVILLE, TN (September 7, 2021) — RevSpring, the leading provider of patient financial engagement and payment solutions, today announced that IVR Advantage™ is now available with Epic for outbound calling, offering the ability to efficiently execute outbound communications and seamlessly update account notes for patients. The new capability provides Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) with the insight they need to understand engagement steps on accounts for transparency and consistency.

RevSpring’s proprietary outbound IVR solution—now available in App Orchard—automatically updates account notes for a specific patient based on the call result, saving call center staff time and effort. This automated flow of information improves the quality of patient information and provides call center staff with easy access to activity history for speed, convenience, and patient consistency. Staff members are also empowered to quickly identify when a patient was called and the type of message the call involved.  IVR Advantage also has integration into Epic for Inbound IVR calls and tracking, which is also available in App Orchard.

“The ability to automate the sharing of call information in real-time means our customers can now enjoy the full value of our outbound IVR solution and have full transparency of those calls,” said Jordan Kordosky, product manager, voice technologies at RevSpring. “This powerful capability eliminates the need for staff to create and manage daily workflows manually and ensures that staff has full visibility of call history within Epic to ensure a consistent patient experience.”

Today, more than 160 Epic clients derive extended value from their patient financial engagement and payment solutions with precisely integrated end-to-end solutions from RevSpring. With the new outbound IVR integration, RevSpring now has 8 applications available in App Orchard.  These applications include:

“RevSpring is committed to seamlessly integrating more value-added capabilities within Epic so our customers can further leverage the strategic investments they’ve made in the Epic platform,” said RevSpring CEO Scott MacKenzie. “The more we can streamline processes and support Epic through integration, the more clear and consistent the experience is for patients, and the better financial results we can help drive for our customers.”

The App Orchard is a marketplace for apps that are developed by third-party vendors using Epic’s APIs. To learn more and access any of the RevSpring apps for Epic, please visit the Epic App Orchard.

About RevSpring
RevSpring leads the market in financial engagement and payment solutions that inspire patients to participate in and pay for their healthcare. The company has built the industry’s most comprehensive and impactful suite of patient engagement, OmniChannel communications and payment solutions backed by behavior analysis, propensity-to-pay scoring, contextual messaging, and user experience best practices. Using proprietary data analytics to tailor the engagement from pre-service to post-service, RevSpring improves the financial experience and outcomes for providers and their patients. To learn more, visit

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