December 3, 2020

RevSpring Announces New RevSpring Predict™ Optimization Score to Present Personalized Payment Plans

Ongoing evolution in propensity to pay modeling increases precision in payment plan offers and likelihood of patient acceptance and adherence


LIVONIA, Mich. (December 3, 2020) – RevSpring, a leading provider of healthcare financial engagement and payment solutions, today announced a new payment plan optimization score. This new propensity score within RevSpring Predict™ represents another major step forward in RevSpring’s ability to leverage analytics to improve patients’ financial journeys, while helping providers collect payments and achieve revenue management goals. This new predictive score identifies both the “sweet spot” for the installment payment amount, as well as the duration of a recommended payment plan.

RevSpring Predict™ is an advancement in propensity to pay modeling that enhances predictability at more touchpoints throughout the patient payment journey to increase payments. The payment plan optimization score takes it a step further by allowing healthcare providers to present an even more precise payment plan all within their pre-determined guidelines.

“The new payment plan optimization score is the result of increasing sophistication in our use of patient analytics,” said April Wilson, vice president of analytics at RevSpring. “We’re excited because it increases the likelihood that patients accept and fulfill payment plans RevSpring Predict proposes. And patients using RevSpring’s PersonaPayTM portal will appreciate the flexibility it provides for adjusting their own payment terms within the provider’s business rules. Either way, patients and providers win.”

Unlike credit score-based models that are one-dimensional and therefore less precise in terms of predicting payment behavior in financially underserved segments, RevSpring Predict—including the new payment plan optimization score—achieves a higher standard of precision because it uses more human context, including behavioral characteristics, the stage of the patient in their healthcare journey, and more. Through iterative modeling and machine learning techniques, RevSpring uses science to create a more flexible and compassionate payment experience for the patient. This means providers can have confidence that they are matching the best payment option to the needs of the patient at the right time—and ultimately improve patient loyalty and satisfaction—while increasing payments.

About RevSpring
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Kristen Jacobsen