April 13, 2020

Keep Employees Safe—and PCI Compliant—at Home

More employees, including customer service representatives, are working from home than ever before to slow COVID-19 transmissions. Safety must come first, but keeping financial information safe is critical too. This can be tough to ensure when CSRs are taking calls and payments over the phone as they work remotely from home—or even in the office to ensure PCI compliance isn’t at risk.

As providers seek to improve payment rates by making payment easy through a single touchpoint, it’s essential that PCI compliance is maintained as CSRs work from home or anywhere else.

Our clients have asked us to help them solve this problem to keep their staff working while upholding security. Agent-Assisted IVR is a nifty technique that bolsters PCI compliance while also increasing agent productivity. It ensures that card numbers are not spoken to the CSR and gives patients greater peace of mind while paying over the phone.

Once a patient is ready to pay, the CSR utilizes Agent-Assisted IVR. Patients privately key in their credit card information using their telephone keypad instead of the CSR transcribing the credit card information directly. Once the payment is processed, the CSR can check back to answer any remaining questions or end the call. This secure and PCI compliant method provides a streamlined, all-encompassing patient payment experience all from a single point of contact. Not only do CSRs remain safe at home while they work, the risk of PCI non-compliance is mitigated, and payment rates are typically improved.

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