September 28, 2018

Get to Know: Trilok Rajan, RevSpring’s Senior Enterprise Architect

Welcome to the latest installment of RevSpring’s Get to Know employee spotlight series. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Trilok Rajan, RevSpring’s Senior Enterprise Architect. Trilok is part of the API, IWS and Payment Portal Team and is based out of our Ann Arbor office.

Trilok began his career at Infosys in their hardware engineering department but soon realized that he preferred the “other side” of computer systems. He received a Masters degree in Computer Science from Bellevue University in Omaha, Nebraska. After completing his advanced degree, Trilok worked for companies like Wells Fargo and Johnson & Johnson before being recruited into RevSpring to oversee its technology development of RevSpring’s Intelligent Workflow Solutions (IWS) suite of services.

“I worked with Bill Needham, RevSpring’s Chief Technology Officer, at a previous employer and he encouraged me to apply for at RevSpring as he thought it would be a great fit with my skill set,” Trilok said. “Integrating these products into a simple and cohesive platform was an exciting challenge to take on, and my experience with various departments within an IT environment gave me a great foundation for the project.”

Trilok has helped bring IWS to life by integrating engagement solutions into a single bundled option for patients. This required extensive back-end work to set up database access, create consistencies between existing products, and build custom integrations with external systems like the hospital’s specific EHR —all while managing RevSpring enterprise APIs.

With the success of this solution, and how it increases patient payment rates, self-service rates, and time-to-pay, Trilok was given a new project with similar veins. “We are now in the process of building a new portal platform that handles reports of all RevSpring products, from patient statements and analytics to appointment reminders,” he said. “We are creating advanced solutions that reflect the different patient touchpoints into a single location. This will create a more seamless experience for our customers and their patients, as well as our teams on the RevSpring side who are supporting, implementing, and managing these accounts.”

Trilok supports innovation at RevSpring through these projects and drives excellence for our customers with quality control initiatives like RevSpring’s version release management that allows customizations and changes to be delivered to our customers faster and more accurately. He also puts a focus on training different departments on these technology advancements and process improvements to help create efficiency across the company.

On the weekend, Trilok admits that you’ll probably find him still tied to his laptop – often choosing work over sleep. “My wife says when she pictures me in her mind, it’s me with my laptop shining in my face,” he said. But, when he does step away from his work, he swings by the local movie theatre to binge watch the latest blockbuster hits – he admits, he may watch three different movies within a single day. “Morning, a matinee, and evening. I find good movies to be the greatest form of entertainment,” he said

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